brett’s morning blend (12jan11)

I know, I know… you guys are all upset because morning blend is supposed to be a Tuesday feature* — and I replaced it yesterday with a post about Auburn football.  Probably several of you sat down at your computers with your coffee, immediately questioned what day of the week it was, and, confused, counted the days back to Sunday (because we all know that church attendance is the base of our counting).  Most of you then figured out that it was indeed Tuesday and cried a little bit because morning blend was nowhere to be found.  Others of you (Charlie) cried a little bit because Oregon lost.  And still others of you did not attend church services at your local congregation on Sunday — and you’ve only just now realized that today is Wednesday (and that your salvation is in question).

Here are the links:

Islam and Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Blogger Steve Addison offers a quick breakdown of the Pew Forum’s latest report on Christianity and Islam in Africa.  I’m wary of calling the report accurate, and have made a few (poorly worded) comments there.  You can see the the full report here.

Marriage by Phone

Speaking of Islam, did you guys know Islamic law allows you to meet a girl on the internet and get married over the phone, ceremony and all?  Without ever having met in person?  BUT (and this is a very important “but”) the marriage will be declared null and void if the photos your lovely bride sent you were not in fact photos of her.

Family-Friendly Films Top Box Office in 2010

Of the top ten grossing films from last year, not a single one of them was rated ‘R.’  Inception was PG-13, and this writer claims all nine others were “aimed squarely at families.”  I won’t argue that the other nine were not family-friendly (depending on how we define that).

But I think I can make a pretty good argument that the newest Twilight film was not indeed “aimed squarely at families.”  Actually in a 400-seat movie theatre, I can make about 398 good arguments that Twilight was aimed towards teenage girls who know ahead of time when one of the male actor’s is about to take off his shirt — and these 398 arguments of mine show their knowledge of such by chanting with one voice, “Take it off, take it off!”

2011 List of Banished Words

Every year Lake Superior State University produces a list of overused and desperately-in-need-of-banning words.  On this year’s list, among others:

    • epic
    • fail
    • a-ha moment

Mac/Apple Rips Off Picasso

The “Finder” icon from Mac looks an awful lot like a face from one of Picasso’s pieces.  You be the judge.  [And if you know Italian, you’ll be able to read the blog post I just sent you to…]

Fast Food: Advertisements Versus Reality

Now, I myself don’t mind because aesthetics count very little in my decisions to, or not to, eat particular food items.  But it’s true that these burgers don’t look anything at all like the photos which “represent” them.  [If these burgers were Muslim, they’d be looking at a nullified marriage right now.]  Also, the blog itself is quite interesting: The Everyday Minimalist.  That is if you don’t mind the picture of a nearly naked woman doing yoga…

P.S. — Tomorrow I start my new series on famous exchanges in the Bible.  I’m really excited about it.  Please check back if you get a chance….

* In actuality, only four of you realized that morning blend happens every Tuesday.  And that’s because you try to remember not to even visit the blog on those days.



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11 responses to “brett’s morning blend (12jan11)

  1. To be fair, I don’t wear that when I do yoga 😉

    I cover up!!!!

  2. [If these burgers were Muslim, they’d be looking at a nullified marriage right now.]

    I don’t know about that Brett- I get what you were trying to say in your analogy, but, many Muslims have arranged marriages no? Like I tell my kids, “you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit”! haaaa!

  3. dude two shoutouts in a row! thanks bro – wish it was under different circumstances though 🙂

    • sorry if i’m rubbing it in a little too hard. i mean when’s the next time your oregon’s going to get to play in the championship? not with luck returning to stanford next year, anyway.

  4. I never realized the Blends fell on a specific day of the week… I just thought you threw them in there every now and again.

  5. Eagle

    I’m a PAC10 UCLA fan (grew up watching the Bruins!!!) who is in a state of recovery. It will be a long and painful process as I wanted Oregon to win…

  6. Oh no! I just learned how to say epic in German. Episch.

    Actually I think I should apply for a job that bands overused words because they drive me up the wall 🙂

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