top 10 (visited) in 2010 [but not the 10 best]

I talked all big and bad earlier in the week, as if I thought a blogger linking back to his/her top 10 blog posts of 2010 was a sad thing.  Yeah, I was just fooling around with you guys.  Though that day’s list where I predicted my top 10 posts of 2011 was probably WAY more interesting than this one… where I do nothing more than look back at this past year.  Predicting the future is always cooler than trying to get people to click on your old blog posts.

All the same, though, it’s the weekend.  And these are the top 10 posts of 2010, selected by you, the readers. I do, however, have to admit that I’m a little disappointed.  I like to think of you all as a spiritually mature crowd — but many of these posts were just plain foolish.  Hey, you like what you like; who am I to say otherwise? If you crave the spiritual milk (and not meat), so be it.

  1. this post is not about anne rice
  2. missionary predicament: hospitality and rest
  3. church planting: the discovery bible study and dna
  4. a mother’s response to the ground zero controversy
  5. martian love and alien pick-up lines
  6. down with beliefnet
  7. tanzanian kids say the darndest things
  8. water, water, everywhere — and a frog who’s in our sink
  9. how to make link sausage
  10. making God in our image

If you’d like to offer some lame excuses as to why you guys didn’t like the Bible study posts more than the ones about Tanzanian kids and frogs in the waterlines, do so below.  I’ll be holding my breath.



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11 responses to “top 10 (visited) in 2010 [but not the 10 best]

  1. The people who know you and Christie, personally, love to hear about your life in Tanzania, so they spread the news when you do a “Life on the Mission Field” article. The newbies, who are doing bizarre searches, come to your blog when you use off the wall titles.

  2. JMF

    …either that, or your readers just don’t love Jesus as much as they love sausage and frogs! 😦 (old-school COC guilt trip)

    (asterisks forthcoming) In other news, I had the privilege to drive through Brett’s hometown of Mobile, Alabama yesterday. No wonder God rested on the 7th day — anyone would have been exhausted after making such a beautiful place! What a gorgeous city — wonderful, unique architecture, some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met (who all have a tremendous grasp of the English language I must say), immaculately clean, and I’ve never felt safer in all of my life!! Mobile, Alabama has to be the most wonderful city in all of America! ***

    ***The author of this blog has made it perfectly clear that sarcasm is an acceptable — nay, appreciated! — form of communication.

  3. Ah, yes, being on Freshly Pressed does pull some weight on fabulous blog posts…..
    I think I need to move back to wordpress…..

    *I thought I was president of the Stephanie Meyer club……hmmmmmm….:)

    • 1. yeah, freshly pressed brings in a lot of people. i thought it would really grow my blog — but i think i maybe averaged only 10 visitors more per day as a result. of course that doesn’t necessarily factor in people using feed readers, etc. my blog’s grown a lot in the past year — but not much seems to be a result of freshly pressed. though the two “pressed” posts both had visits well into the thousands.

      2. you should move back. wordpress is way the best.

      3. nope, i think my wife is the president. of the tanzanian chapter, at least.

      • Is there a WordPress For Dummies? I am trying to make the jump..but…blogger is sooo much easier for me…

        • are you looking at or .com is (in my opinion) just as easy as blogspot, yet way better. however, you may lose many of your freedoms to design and “decorate” your blog. and .org to me seems like too much work. i like to write, not design and format and work on a blog all day. but the people who use it say it’s not a big deal or difficult.

          but, to answer your question, i know of no wordpress for dummies. the “help” people seem to be very helpful. but its seems to me the two most important things are: 1) choosing a theme that suits you and your blog and 2) putting the widgets you want in the right places. most of the rest of it seems to do itself.

  4. I was disappointed not to see bone fairies and Canadian commercials on the list. Not about Anne Rice was actually the first post of yours that I ever read. Bone fairies was the second one. I think the third one was something about water, football, or running barefoot…

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