brett’s morning blend (18jan11)

Direct or Relational Evangelism?

This is a simple little chart that demonstrates the importance of both relationships and a direct approach to evangelism.  I’m not a fan of knocking doors to “present the gospel.”  Nor am I a fan of befriending someone and showing them love, while never saying a word about Jesus and his kingdom.  Direct AND relational is key.

Fifteen Pro-Life Truths

A list from John Piper.  Did you know that, except in cases of abortion, taking the life of a baby in a mother’s womb is deemed manslaughter?

Obsessed with Facebook

One out of every 13 people on earth is on Facebook.  That is an astounding number — especially when you consider how many people don’t have computers or internet access.  But the really good news is that every 20 minutes on Facebook, its users accept nearly 2,000,000 friend requests.  The human race is becoming friends at an incredible pace; soon there will be no war or hatred left in our world.  Good for Facebook.  This infographic is quite interesting.

An Introduction to Off-Roading

I thought I took my Wrangler off-road a lot when I lived in the states — and I suppose I did compared with the average Jeep owner or soccer mom.  But, living in Tanzania, I realize how little I actually knew about off-roading (these days it sometimes requires 4WD just to get to my house… and I live “IN” town).  This article won’t make you an expert, but it’s got some good information for getting started.


This is a weird interactive art thing.  Or, as the website calls it (more intelligent-sounding), “an experiment in generative art.”  It’s no Spirograph, but if you like computers or art you should enjoy it for 5 minutes or so.  Do you guys remember the Spirograph?  My grandmother had one at her house, and it was the coolest thing ever (even better than Sorry! which was pretty amazing in its own right).

An (incredibly) Unwise Baby Product

I sometimes worry that people think I’m careless with our daughter — when I throw her into the air and catch her.  That’s nothing compared to this “baby cage.”  [Speaking of Baylor being hurt, she was stung by a wasp yesterday.  I’m really not very good at watching my little baby in pain.  I killed the wasp.]


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3 responses to “brett’s morning blend (18jan11)

  1. as someone who was on facebook back when it was introduced first to college students (and you had to have a college e-mail in order to sign up), I’m astounded at how its grown to people of all geographies and ages. I’m just now getting friend requests from older relatives and my parent’s friends. To hear of people in Iraq, India, Guatemala and so on that are on facebook, its cool how people can stay even somewhat connected.

    • i was also on facebook back then, charlie — but only because i was in grad school. i was far gone from undergrad. i closed my facebook account when i was preparing to move to tanzania. i don’t miss it at all. but you’re right that it’s incredible that people from all over the world are using it — and that it makes keeping up with old friends a possibility, when it once wasn’t.

  2. Jason Miller

    One guy in the comments of the 4×4 article (which was nice) insisted that the most important item you could have on your vehicle would be a winch. I just so disagree with this. There are no trees or boulders that appear with enough regularity where I usually am to prove helpful at all if I’d actually had a winch.

    Knowing Sukuma and Swahili has been much more valuable than an expensive and heavy (and I mean really heavy) tool hanging off the front of my vehicle.

    In North America, where everybody is so ridiculously independent…to the extent that extreme self-reliance is a virtue…I can see where they might be more helpful. It’s so difficult to get help in the first place that you have to rely on what’s already in or on your vehicle.

    Ok, enough car talk.

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