brett’s morning blend (01feb11)

I saw my little sister off at the airport yesterday.  She cried.  But I’m a tough guy.  I looked away and pretended I only had allergies.  Baylor slept.

Now Christie and I are in Mwanza (where the airport is) for a few days for dentist appointments and doctors’ visits.  The first link in today’s “morning blend,” as a matter of fact, is to our dentist.

HOPE Dental Centre

We have a great dentist’s office in Mwanza, which might be surprising to some of you.  But it’s really nice — not just because we can receive quality treatment, but also because all profits at HOPE Dental fund Bridge2Aid, a development organization that provides dental care for rural Tanzanians and trains local healthcare workers.

Baptism, an Exploration

What is the relationship between baptism and salvation?  Which comes first — baptism or forgiveness of sins?  Is baptism simply an act of obedience?  At what point does the Holy Spirit indwell the believer.  Jay Guin’s working on a series on the subject of baptism, and I thought this particular post was quite interesting.  He simply lists as many possibilities as can be named concerning views on baptism and it’s importance.

Life Without Left Turns

I drive on the wrong side of the road.  And on the wrong side of the car.  But I do still remember traffic in the United States.  And I remember that I’m not a big fan of turning left across traffic (here it’s turning right — though the traffic in Geita is minimal).  But now I know that minimizing left turns saves fuel.  And the introduction of “superstreets” seems both wise and inevitable.

Real Men Throw Darts

Every man should occasionally brave the smell of cigarette smoke and play darts.  This essay is a pretty good introduction to throwing pointy metal things.  My personal favorite game: cricket.  And if you want to brush up on your technique, see part 2.

The Hot Coffee Lawsuit

Remember that lady who spilled her McDonald’s coffee on herself and sued the corporation, making billions of dollars in one fell swoop?  Well… that’s not exactly how it went.  You can read the actual story here.

FedEx vs UPS?

I think I’m just a sucker for infographics.  This probably shouldn’t have been as interesting to me as it was.



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3 responses to “brett’s morning blend (01feb11)

  1. loved the coffee lawsuit one – definitely gave the story context and I may not use it as fuel against out of control lawsuits.

    But mostly I’m worried that taking away left turns is the very beginning of a war of lefties of our world – which is of great concern to me as a lefty myself.

  2. Carley

    I love the FedEx/UPS comparison. You’re not alone-stuff like that IS cool. 🙂

  3. Russ

    Friend of Brian here, discovered your blog via him. I believe we met in China in Marisol Rosas’s Apartment in Wuhan in 2007.

    Anyway, as to left turns, let the roundabout reign! Everything is a right turn. Or for former british colonies, left turns.

    Super Streets are merely a variation on roundabouts as is the “clover leaf” (assuming that it is a full clover leaf and not the partial clover leaf so common in Alabama that has a traffic light at the top of the ramp) of the american interstate.

    Roundabouts are much safer (90% fewer fatalities than similar lighted intersections) cheaper and faster traffic flow.

    The super street that allows traffic on the major road a semiprotected left turn across the “circle” (actually oval since super streets stretch out the roundabout circle along the axis of the major road) are more dangerous 60% fewer fatalities rather than 90% fewer.

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