mission timeline: harrisons in geita

Yesterday I posted a summary of our time in Tanzania thus far.  Today I’m publishing the timeline for the Harrison family in Geita.


Years 1 and 2

  • Establish a permanent residence
  • Acquire a reliable vehicle
  • Become proficient in Swahili language
  • Familiarize ourselves with Tanzanian culture
  • Build relationships with residents of Geita
  • Be open to potential mentoring opportunities in relationships
  • Possibly begin (a) Discovery Bible Study group(s)
  • Assess and understand better the needs of the local people
  • Begin planning and preparing strategies for development
  • Possibly begin development project(s)
  • Form relationships in existing churches (begun through Mwanza work)
  • Begin some teaching in these churches

Year 3

  • Continue in study of Swahili language and Tanzanian culture
  • Further develop relationships with the people of Geita
  • Increase time in villages surrounding Geita
  • Begin deeper study of village culture (Sukuma people group)
  • Begin studying Sukuma language
  • Develop mentoring relationships
  • Begin Discovery Bible Study groups (for non-Christians)
  • Write Swahili curriculum for Christians on:
    • Who is a Disciple of Jesus Christ?
    • How Can Our Church Promote True Discipleship?
    • How Do We Make Disciples?
  • Host/teach seminars using above materials
  • Begin development projects in English and agriculture  (and possibly health and economics)
  • Furlough
    • visit family and sponsoring churches
    • continued education in missions, health, and agriculture
    • raise funds if needed

Years 4 and 5

  • Reach full fluency in Swahili
  • Continue in study of Sukuma language and village culture
  • “Supervise” multiplication of Discovery Bible Studies and churches
  • Continue in mentoring relationships with church leaders
  • Write Sukuma curriculum for Christians (same as above)
  • Mentor some church leaders in teaching “discipleship” seminars
  • Mentor leaders in development programs
  • Evaluate and assess work up until this point
  • Commit to an additional 3-5 years of work in Geita area
  • Furlough
    • visit family and sponsoring churches
    • continued education in missions
    • raise funds if needed

Years 6 and Beyond

  • details yet to be determined, but plan to remain in Geita

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