leaving and a link

Still not home yet.  We’re leaving Dar es Salaam in a couple of hours for the two-day drive to Mwanza, where we’ll stay for another night or two before finally going back home to Geita.  While we’re in Mwanza, we’ve got to:

  • take care of some money, tax, and finance issues.
  • see about having some work done to get our new truck ready for the roads and drivers of Tanzania.
  • put up some new “truck for sale” signs in hopes of off-loading our older vehicle.  [So I’ll also be washing, waxing, and “armor-all”ing the old truck.]
  • begin checking on flights for our furlough later this year.

Oh, and here’s a link to Carson and Holly’s blog, where Holly highlighted Baylor’s relationship with their son Jude: BFF Baylor.  Just because I’m not blogging regularly these days… that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to see pics of my sweet daughter.



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