making exercise

I was out for a run this morning and passed a group of guys building a fence.  One of them obviously wanted to practice his English and called out to me, “Hey, man.”

I responded with, “Good morning.”

Then, in a really strange cadence, he offered:

“You… are.  Making exercise.”

“Well, yes, I suppose I am making exercise,”  I mumbled, probably already out of earshot.

Although, if you ask me, making exercise sounds like a really poor colloquialism for the marital act.  Of course, it’s not any worse than that one.



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8 responses to “making exercise

  1. i wouldn’t have thought of the marital act were it not for your commentary – sick puppy.

    • well, in my defense it came about only because i was reflecting on the english language. because i had nothing else to do while running, i began to think about other ways in which we use the word “making” without actually creating something. i came up with three options: making good on a promise, making love, and making whoopy (spelling?). because two are related to the sex act, i determined that is our chosen method of using “making” when not actually meaning it. so i’m not just sick — rather i’m calculated.

      • You think about the English language while running? Dude.

        • is that lame? or are you impressed?

          • Yeah, I do love some Air Supply. My very cool older sister used to listen to them when we were growing up so I think I will always think they are super cool now. 🙂

        • oh, and don’t pretend like you don’t think about english while running. i bet you write all kinds of things in your head, rewording sentences over and over.

          also, i know you just spent two or three minutes thinking of other ways we use “making ____” in english. what did you come up with?

          • Well, I thought you were kinda nerdy…but I couldn’t really say that because of the whole “takes one to know one thing.” Which applies. And yes, I write all kinds of things in my head while I run. Sometimes I have to make myself stop and focus on the run itself.

            And as far as “making” goes…I got that Air Supply song stuck in my head – Making Love Out Of Nothing At All…which is probably not the title but there it is. I don’t think my approach to the English language is as scholarly as yours.

          • air supply, now that’s some great music. and, interesting fact, they’re the first band on my ipod.

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