stay-at-home dad

This past week Christie and the ladies on our team attended a women’s missionary retreat in Kenya.  That left Baylor and I to fend for ourselves in Geita — or me to fend for the two us, rather.  Baylor did little fending.  We had a great time of father-daughter togetherness.

baylor on the ferry from geita to mwanza, where we went to see mama off

Christie took the camera with her to Rondo, or else I’d have pictures to show of all the things Baylor and I did this week.  Things like:

  • cooking breakfast, lunch, and supper every day.  [How does Christie keep up with cooking three meals a day from scratch?]  I made it my own personal challenge this week to cook everything in the same skillet; that was fun.
  • playing with our two new puppies, Gene and Max.  Christie likes to give “old man” names to pets (no offense to any Genes and Maxes who are reading).  So she picked Max, which is short for Maximus.  I chose Gene — after Gene Chizik, but still in keeping with Christie’s little tradition.
  • finding and ordering grass plugs to go in the yard.  [And a steal at $3 per gunny sack.]
  • picking up 4×4 columns for a building project.
  • hiring a guy to make a wooden spice rack and build frames for mirrors.  [We’ve been in the house 13 months now, and we didn’t own a mirror until last week.]
  • ordering and receiving 3000 liters of water.
  • meeting with officials at NSSF (the Tanzanian social security offices).
  • observing (and chasing) lots of goats, cows, and chickens.
  • reading the first page (and only the first page) of at least 250 children’s books.

baylor and max

Baylor’s not one to stay in the house all day — which is nice.  She actually preferred to go into town and run errands with me.  That made it easy to get a few other things accomplished during the week. The two of us had a great time together.  But we sure are happy to have Christie back at home.  And I now have an even greater appreciation of my wife.

and before you go, you should know that this is a rope




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6 responses to “stay-at-home dad

  1. She’s adorable! Don’t worry, you will get past the first page—eventually. It’s good to have time with the child alone, sometimes. It’s special.

  2. Great pictures (when the camera was shared). Glad Christie was able to have the week without Baylor since it gave you a week with her. Your growing appreciation of all Christie does made it a double blessing for the Harrison household. Every dad needs times like these.

  3. What a beautiful little girl you have! Cute puppy too! How do you come to be in Tanzania?

  4. That sounds totally fun. And I absolutely love the pictures! She looks like a ton of fun! I have been wanting to see pictures of Gene and Max too.

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