brett’s morning blend (29mar11)

Salvation: The Short Course

Keith Brenton offers a quick, but in depth, review of what the Bible has to say about salvation, heaven, and hell.  Who receives salvation and who doesn’t?  How will we be judged?  When does salvation begin?  How long does it last?  Is hell a real place?  Does everyone receive eternal life, saved or not?

This is well worth the read, and/because Keith does a better job than most anyone of allowing the Bible to speak for itself.

What’s Different About Christianity?

Public versus private revelation — how it all began.

If the U.S. States Were Countries…

The Economist compares individual states in the U.S. to countries around the world in terms of Gross Domestic Product and population.  My home state of Alabama is roughly equivalent to Nigeria, California is Italy, and Texas is Russia.  Arizona is comparable to Thailand, though I think you guys know which of those two I’d choose for to make my place of residence.

Porn Addiction in America

You might say I’m addicted to infographics; it’s hard for me to not look at them when I have the opportunity.  And they’re popping up all over the internet.  This is a link to another one. And it was put out by a secular company.  Did you know that 42.7% of internet users view pornography?

Diet Coke is Better Than Pepsi

Of course I think Diet Coke is better than most drinks (save Diet Dr. Pepper, the undisputed king of beverages).  But recent research has shown that Diet Coke is now more popular in the U.S. than Pepsi.  And 4 of the top 10 sodas are now diet drinks.  Is America getting thinner?  Because I’ve not noticed….

My Brother’s Blogging Regularly Again

Many of you know my brother… or perhaps one of his alter-egos.  Others of you are only familiar with his guests posts here and here.  And the remainder of you are probably better off than those in the first two categories.  Or at least you’re less likely to have been embarrassed publicly or greeted at your door by a tall, blonde guy asking to sleep on your couch.

Brian just moved to South Korea.  And he’s decided to start up the ol’ blog again.  Check it out if you enjoy reading about the screwball antics of an extremely intelligent man…      ‘s brother.

You Know, “That Guy”

I can’t tell you how often, while watching television or film, I see an actor I recognize from another show or movie.  Or from lots of other shows and movies.  I always say, “Hey, it’s ‘that guy!'”

Apparently I’m not alone.  This page is dedicated to “that guy” and lists over 100 of him — with pictures.  It’s a virtual yearbook of “that guy”s.  Everyone’s there, from “that Chinese guy” (James Hong) to “that bald guy with funny teeth that looks like Dwight Yoakam” (Clint Howard — are they really the same person?).  This is your place to find “that guy.”

image courtesy of totallylookslike


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13 responses to “brett’s morning blend (29mar11)

  1. Thanks for the morning blend Brett. And I will most definitely agree on the Diet Dr. Pepper comment. None like it. Wish I had a way to ship it to you but I suspect when you come back to the states that will be your first drink of choice?

    • it will be my only drink of choice, bill. i’ll buy a case of diet dr. peppers on my first day back, and i’ll never let it get down to less than a 6-pack. [which means i’ll have to buy more about every other day…?] i’m not sure i know anyone besides you who shares quite my love for the sweet nectar that is diet dr. pepper….

  2. I don’t think diet drinks being more popular will affect America’s waistline much. Diet drinks actually mess with your insulin levels. They tell your body you are getting sugar because they are sweet, but you aren’t really getting any. So your body produces insulin and that makes you WANT sugar even more. That’s what they say, anyway. Some version of that. 🙂

    I’m a fan of coke zero and diet sunkist (which tastes like summer), myself. When I decide to splurge.

    I have been reading Brian’s blog also. Good stuff!

  3. Totally off topic,Brett,but are you anywhere near Shirati? I have a friend who’s daughter is working with SHED (Shirati Health Education & Development Foundation).

  4. your collection of posts makes you look like a nerd – because you must spend hours digging this stuff up. The porn stats were startling – crazy how a porn addiction is classified as 11 hours per week – obviously well over an hour a day. I’d say 45 minutes daily would be cause for concern.

    • i don’t think of myself as a nerd. but i suppose it’s possible i am one. i just have a lot of google reader subscriptions and scan for what i think i might enjoy. it’s my entertainment (being as there’s little else here to do…). and i agree that 45 minutes — or much, much less — is plenty of reason for concern.

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