brett’s parental wisdom #1: mishaps

baylor says hi... to the guy sitting on your far left

I’m not a very experienced parent — my first daughter, Baylor, is just over 16 months old.  So I don’t claim to have heaps of knowledge when it comes to bringing up the little ones.  [See my questions on corporal punishment.]  But every now and again I do realize that I’ve figured something out — that I understand yet another truth about children and/or parenting.  I thought I might as well start keeping record.  Here is Brett’s Parental Wisdom #1:

There is a direct correlation between
a child’s current disposition and
that child’s susceptibility to mishap.

or, in other words:

The grumpier the baby,
the more likely she’ll trip while walking
and land on her head.



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12 responses to “brett’s parental wisdom #1: mishaps

  1. Good point. I think there is a spiritual correlation as well.

  2. Our oldest son was pouting one day when he was about four years old. For some strange reason he pulled his arms up inside his sleeves and crossed his arms inside the body of his shirt. As he stomped along outside, he tripped on the edge of the sidewalk and did a face plant. With his arms stuck inside the body of his shirt, he couldn’t throw them forward to break his fall. The whole left side of his face was scraped from forehead to chin. Since then he’s still gotten grumpy, but he’s always kept his arms on the outside of his shirt!

  3. Zee

    heh, i think that would be one of the numerous Murphy’s Laws… 🙂

  4. Grumpiness has a tendency to make bad matters worse–for all of us with an “inner child”!

  5. so the key is to keep your child perfectly happy. No problem!

  6. awwwwwwwwwwww…..poor baby, daddy needs to catch you next time…

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