reading through holy week

I’ve already got a post scheduled to publish today, but wanted to get this link out there in timely fashion.*  Christie, Baylor, and I are using this week’s morning Bible reading times (and adding an evening reading time) to navigate the scripture’s account of “Holy Week.”  [Until that last sentence, I’d always just referred to it as the week of Jesus’ crucifixion.  So don’t call me unwilling to try a new turn of phrase.]

J.R. Briggs has published a reading guide which designates which passages should be read each day (except Wednesday, because apparently there’s no record in the Bible of what happened on that day).  So his guide leads you through Holy Week both chronologically and in real time.  He’s also made some devotional suggestions which correspond with each day.  

This could be a great way to prepare ourselves for Easter.  Even better than buying your son one of those suits that has shorts (instead of pants) and a bow tie.  And if you’re not already reading your Bible regularly, this week is a terrific one to start.  Here’s the link:

Holy Week 2011 — Participants’ Guide

Happy reading.

* The reading calendar begins today.


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4 responses to “reading through holy week

  1. christine

    WOW… I LOVE this. And, I am sharing the bones of it with ladies I mentor… and a group I work with in prison. Thank you.

  2. Carrie Kleinschmidt

    Yay! Thanks…This is what I was looking for this week. I love how JR Briggs shows up on the internet like this even though he’s located back home in PA. Blessings to you in this holy week!
    Another Servant of Jesus
    Cusco, Peru

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