baylor’s easter (and a few other days)

It’s Easter Sunday, and we’ve just returned home from a day with the church in Kasilo village.  I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow (lots of photos to download) — but today I thought I’d catch everyone up on what Baylor’s been doing lately.  So here are some pics of our little girl.  And Happy Easter!

baylor made a new friend at kasilo village today. and last week she learned to shrug her shoulders and to go'on and brush'em off (but we have no video of that just yet).

baylor with a village bicycle

baylor in a crockpot (which is not plugged in). sorry for the nudity.

baylor with crazy hair, eating a bell pepper

baylor with our friend carley (also a harrison -- no relation), who came to visit all the way from dar

baylor hanging out with the cooks in the kitchen

dirty baylor playing with an old bicycle tire... and with a girl in a VERY green easter dress

angry baylor in front of a pharmacy

wild and crazy baylor in front of a pharmacy

baylor about 30 seconds into the trip home from a long day in the village



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7 responses to “baylor’s easter (and a few other days)

  1. maemae

    It looks like Baylor had a very busy day, which means mom and dad did also. I bet you and Christie wished you could have had someone drive you home while you took a nap!

  2. Chris

    I love it when you post pictures of Baylor! She is wonderful! I can’t wait to meet our great-niece!

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  4. After reading your next post I can appreciate why Baylor went to sleep so quickly on the ride home! You had quite a day in this village.

  5. That very first picture of her is so cute!

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