announcement: my new blog

In lieu of our regular programming (brett’s morning blend), today I bring you an announcement. 

My new blog is up and running.  I do not mean to say, however, that I’m leaving aliens and strangers.  On the contrary, I’ve merely added a second blog.  And, as of the writing of this post, there has been one visitor to the new site.  Here’s the link:

there are two kinds…

Please have a look and offer your feedback — here or there.  Also subscribe if you like, tell a friend, or shoot me a link. 



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7 responses to “announcement: my new blog

  1. I hope you don’t mind if I use the word, “CUTE.” Cause it is. I like it. And since I used the word cute, I’ll refrain from adding a smiley face now.

    • not a huge fan of cute, but i do like my new blog — so if it’s cute, i suppose i maybe do like cute.

      and don’t worry about the smiley face — adam took care of it for you…

  2. Subscribed to your new blog. 🙂

    • thanks for subscribing, adam. and that’s a cute smiley face.

    • oh, and i read today that gabe gross, our fellow dothan boy, is retiring from pro baseball. did you guys play together in high school, or against each other in college?

      • I had heard that. My mom goes to a bible study with his mom. She said to be praying for him because he is not sure of what his future holds…

        Smiley was that i was just so excited there would be more James Brett content in my RSS Reader.

        Also, my wife and I have decided that we are moving back to Dothan in a couple of months. We are excited about it.

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