one thing i’ve learned… (2)

One’s willingness to wait patiently is generally tied
to the perceived importance of the task at hand.


We’re currently in Mwanza for various and sundry errands, the chiefest of which is to request from the government renewals for our residence permits.  I first went into the immigration office on Wednesday, and (as of Friday at 2:00pm) we’re still waiting to receive these stamps in our passports.  Two days of waiting to be given permission to remain in Tanzania for another two years is not a big deal at all, though.  I don’t mind a bit.

However, I could not have been described as patient when I waited 2 1/2 hours Wednesday in the police station in order to pay a $0.35 charge.  Irritated is probably the word that comes to mind.  I couldn’t help but think about all the other things I could have been getting done in Mwanza (or at least I could have started the process of waiting on several of those things).

I waited 150 minutes at the police station.  Compared with two days (as of now) waiting on immigration.  My patience increased dramatically with the importance of the task at hand.

When does your impatience show?



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8 responses to “one thing i’ve learned… (2)

  1. Jason Miller

    And the charge paid was in relation to….

  2. Kevin Linderman

    I think I need to pay that one too… do you mind swinging by and paying it for me, since you know the procedure?

  3. i was hoping for a lengthy and witty story taking us through the full 2.5 hours of frustration. I’ll take it you’re still annoyed. Fair enough.

    • if you get the lengthy story, it’ll be about the 3 additional days of waiting (to add to the 2 mentioned) for my residence permit. lots of opportunities for bribes to be given…

  4. Pole sana. It was nice to see you in town, though. I am reminded that I have a hard drive which I’m told that your colleague Carson could use. Could I get it to you tomorrow?

  5. Ted

    A better question might be “when does my patience show?”

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