my wife did a funny thing

My wife is a fun person to be around.  She’s intelligent, pleasant, adept at conversation, and has a great sense of humor — she’s fun.  

But I wouldn’t call her funny.  Sorry if that sounds rude, but she’s just normally not all that funny.

So you can imagine my surprise when I walked into the room today and found her giggling to herself while typing on the computer.  I asked what was so funny, and she answered, “Holly left our computer signed in to her blog.”  

My wife was pulling a practical joke.  And a good one at that.  She wrote and published an entire blog post, complete with photos, on Carson and Holly’s blog.  And it was funny.  Very funny, I thought.

So funny, in fact, that I linked to it from my blog.  But the “No-Fun McNeals” (as the entire community of Geita refers to them) deleted the blog post almost immediately.  I was very sad.  [And that’s why the link in the previous post is no longer working.]

But to prove that my wife did a very funny thing, I’m publishing on my blog the post that she sneakily penned as Holly.  Here it is:


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I feel like we don’t talk about our heroes enough.  We look at, think about, and admire these great people from afar, but rarely tell others about them.   The following are my heroes, the ones who just never give up, regardless of what flies in their way.  Love them the way I do.  

Nacho Libre — monk turned unlikely pro wrestler to raise money for orphans and to get a little taste of the glory.  Beautiful.


Lex Luther — after all those years losing to Superman, you’d think he’d quit.  But NEVER!


This Chinese guy — He risks life and limb crossing a flooded street, yet still has his wits about him enough to protect his hair from further rain damage.


And finally, hamsters — the way the go around in that wheel for hours on end, not even resting for a sesame seed.  I wish I could be that committed to my exercise.  


 These are my heroes.  Who are yours?


To read the other funny thing my wife once did, go here.



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14 responses to “my wife did a funny thing

  1. Mimi

    I am very sad, too! That was funny! Most of the funniness in our home is instigated by people under 48″ tall, so congrats Christie! Those same funny people love to learn about Baylor & her Tanzanian adventures. They were very interested to see Baylor sharing rice & beans with her friends on Easter … had she been here, she would have shared a Peep:
    What an amazing family you are — keep up the beautiful work, all three of you!

  2. Chris

    I think Christie’s posts on her website are pretty funny! I smile or chuckle at many of her observations and comments about day-to-day life in Tanzania. She has a quick wit. I guess it depends on your definition of funny!

    • i understand if you and the wife want to start some little battle. but remember… it’s with christie and not me. i had nothing to do with the post. i merely called you un-fun for taking it down. but so did everyone else who lives in geita and uses the internet.

      but remember, this fight’s with christie. i’m sure both of you would love to take action against me. but i took no action against you. remember this.

  3. I now have a new set of hero’s! This was awesome! Loved it! Hope you guys are doing well! God Bless!

  4. You know, I only removed it so that people wouldn’t miss the post I had just put up. she is funny. in time i think you will see that the “no-fun mcneals” are quite funny too.

  5. Ha! That is just great!

  6. That was SO funny!

    Sorry Holly and Carson, I’m with Brett and Christie on this one (or should I just say Christie, as you’re denying all involvement Brett?)

  7. Carrie

    That is hilarious!

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