transfiguration over nine

image courtesy of jeremy berg

I read this yesterday in an April 2007 issue of Reader’s Digest (yes, this is what missionaries read in their spare time):

Moses and Jesus are playing golf.  Moses selects a five iron and tees off.  His ball lands in the lake.

It’s Jesus’ turn.  “Tiger Woods would use this,” he says, grabbing a five iron.

“But my shot ended up in the lake!” Moses protests.  “You should use a four iron.”

“Nope.  Tiger would use a five.”

So Jesus swings hard — and hits the ball into the lake.  He’s walking on the water looking for it when a man approaches.

“Who does he think he is, Jesus Christ?” the man asks.

“No,” Moses explains.  “He is Jesus.  He thinks he’s Tiger Woods.”

image courtesy of God Answers Prayers

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3 responses to “transfiguration over nine

  1. good stuff. Go reader’s digest! My mom reads every one of ’em, cover to cover.

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