your favorite progressive church of Christ blogs?

[Remember… I don’t ask for favors often.]

I’m not sure how many of my readers have their background in Churches of Christ (my own religious tribe).  [I’d estimate the number to be at about 30%, but that’s completely a guess.]  I don’t at all write specifically for Church of Christ readers — many of you may not have even known my background was COC.  And that very well may be exactly what qualifies my site as a “progressive” Church of Christ blog.  

Anyway, the reason I mention the COC is that Jay Guin, over at One in Jesus, is currently taking a poll of people’s favorite progressive Church of Christ blogs.  And, in order to prevent the results from being biased to only his readers, he’s asking us to tell our readers about the poll.  

So, if you’re a member of the Church of Christ, you may find several blogs on his list which you regularly read.  Take a moment and vote for your top five.  Also, you ought to peruse the sites listed and see if there are any blogs you’re not reading, but should be.  Or if there are any we ought to add to his list?

And if you’re not from a Church of Christ background, I suppose it’s very likely my site is one of your five favorite progressive Church of Christ blogs.  You guys especially should click over and vote.  You might also find some other blogs you like.

My blog is listed (alphabetically) as “James Brett Harrison — Aliens and Strangers.”

And, just because it’s got me curious… if you feel comfortable doing so, use the comments section to tell us what religious group you’re associated with.  [And then you have to say two nice things about some other group in the list… jk.] 



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11 responses to “your favorite progressive church of Christ blogs?

  1. despite the name, I have no affiliation with the Church of Christ. In fact I’ve never been to one. I also have no denomination or group or tribe, I’ve only ever gone to non-denominational churches and these days my church is more of a home group community than a Sunday morning service.

  2. My husband was raised Church of Christ. We are non-denominational, independent Christian church, which I suppose you could say is sort of a progressive Church of Christ. Maybe not, but close.

  3. My background is the same as Kat (Independent Christian Church/Church of Christ). I must admit though that I left that affiliation several years ago (in my mind) and prefer to be non-denominational. 🙂

  4. Brett, you’ve lost me. What factors would make a Church of Christ blog “progressive”?

    I mean, I know that the United Church of Christ likes to think of itself as “progressive,” but I suspect that’s really (really really) not what is meant here?

    • Oh, and I belong to the Orthodox Christian Church of Alexandria and all Africa, the Archdiocese of Mwanza in western Tanzania.

      I don’t think we’re progressive, though our Kenyan Archdiocese was banned by the British for its sympathy towards anti-colonial resistance movements back in the 1950’s. I guess that’s sort of progressive, right?

      In my experience, members of the Church of Christ have good taste in books, are generous with their lending libraries, make great pizza and brew fantastic coffee. There, that was four nice things!

  5. Ted

    church of Christ background. Judging by the photos, members of the other groups have cool beards and bicycles. Hopefully they don’t use the bicycles during worship services as that is not authorized.

  6. Well I voted for yours Brett. I am not familiar with the other COC blogs. I participate in several already. The Christian Monist and Internet Monk, as well as Evolving in Monkey Town Blog all keep me busy.

  7. Fredrica

    well i’ll vote for the blog, but only b/c you were once a rebel with tattos and earings and i think those are certain progressive qualities i find useful and intriguing in a blog writer. you also happen to be a guy i shared many a hot dog and spiritual discussion with through the years. i like your blog, your baby is pretty, your wife is prettier than you, and i like that you had clean, worn once, and dirty piles of clothes in our apartment in college. oh and by the way i am unified reformed baptamethococcostalchristian holiness primitive baptized repented sinner movement follower. but i currently work in the methodist tribe 😉

  8. Biju Joseph

    Dear Brett Harrison,
    Can you answer from Bible?
    1,What is the name of the Father God? Psalm 91:14
    2,What is Christ’s new name?Rev 3:12
    3,Where will Jesus come 2nd time?
    4,What is the name of Holy Spirit?
    5,Who led Israel from Eigypt?

    If you know pls tell me or write to

  9. by the way, jay posted the results of this blog poll here:

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