baby born in a truck and a photo essay of geita

A couple of blog posts worth reading, which are nearer to me  than — and therefore not relegated to — a morning blend post.  There’s no real theme here, unless we want to call it “missionary life in East Africa?”


From my friend, Bobby Garner, who works in Uganda.

A Baby Was Born In My Land Rover Today

An excerpt:

“Approaching the hospital, Tappe told us the baby had crowned. Actually it was more like, “He’s about to fall”. My response was, “Absolutely not!” Tappe’s next words were “He fell!” Ronald and I simultaneously looked on the floor for a baby. We didn’t see one. Then we noticed a baby on the seat as Tappe hovered above. Ronald quickly scooped the little boy up. The baby let out a gurgled cry.”


And from Duane and Jenny Dixon, who are adopting a cute little girl from Ethiopia and, as a result, were able to visit Carson and Holly last week here in Geita.  They took a lot of great photos of Geita, the surrounding areas, and of some of our neighbors.  [And if you look backwards on their blog a post or two, you can see pictures of their beautiful little girl, Selah.  They actually passed court while in Geita.]


My favorite photo of the many:

jude mcneal and a friend

And I just happened to notice that Jude’s friend in the photo isn’t wearing any pants, but is wearing a very strategically placed button-up shirt under his jacket.  Then I noticed that in all of these pictures, this little boy happens to be covered up with great care.  For example:

yep, the photographer must've been quite the pro


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