fathers’ day, atticus finch, and kids as inferior goods

Happy Fathers’ Day to all you fathers out there.  

Yesterday a South African miner walked up to Baylor and I — while we were playing — and started a conversation.  The gist of the conversation:  “What do you think about being a father?  It looks like fun.  I really hope I have children one day.  Is it hard?  I’ve got to go and find a wife.”

If you don’t know any South African miners, I’m not sure you can fully grasp the humor of this conversation.

Anyway, for Fathers’ Day I thought I’d post a few photos of my beautiful daughter.  But first… a few Fathers’ Day links:

How the World Celebrates Dad

Serbian kids tie up their dads and lock them in rooms until they’re given enough money to secure their release.  Sicilians celebrate with fava beans.  I myself am partial to the Nepalese observance of Father’s Day; yep, give me a slab of meat, and I’ll be one happy father.

12 Best Movies About Fatherhood

In my mind — and in that of this list’s author — Atticus Finch is the man.  Yeah, what a dad.  [You know I wanted to name my son (if I were to have one) Atticus, but the wife’s not a huge fan.  Maybe I can talk her into Boo?]  Anyway, To Kill a Mockingbird made the list, and I’m glad it did.

Why Economics Falls Down in the Face of Fatherhood

“There’s something new and strange about all this. Today, I feel the powerful force of biology. It’s visceral; it’s real; it’s hormonal, and it’s not in our economic models. I’m helpless in the face of feelings that overwhelm me. Yes, I know that a twenty-something reader will cleverly point out that I just need to count kids as a good which yields utility, or perhaps we need to add a state variable to the utility function as in rational addiction models. But that’s not the point. I’m surprised by how little of this I’ve consciously chosen. While the economic framework accurately describes how I choose an apple over an orange, it has had surprisingly little to say about what has been the most important choice in my life.”

And now the photos:

baylor as a frog.


and while we're showing pictures in which baylor looks like a frog...


my little baby's gonna' be a rock climber!


just another day in the village.


yesterday baylor and i spent the afternoon and evening at "family day" in the gold mine (while mom was at home with a cold). baylor played several games and won a whole bunch of candy. she wasn't really hungry for the barbecue dinner in the evening.

Have a great Fathers’ Day!



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4 responses to “fathers’ day, atticus finch, and kids as inferior goods

  1. I’m sending my dad the daddy-world link. The article even mentions the King of Thailand (but now we wear pink instead of yellow.) Your froggy daughter is presh 🙂

    • why pink?

      and i have some fond memories of standing in a movie theater for the national anthem while watching pictures of the king on the big screen. [him always with his camera.]

  2. maemae

    Happy Father’s Day!!

    Thanks for the new pics.


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