coming to america: missionaries on furlough

We’re coming back to the states for a visit!  And we’re really excited about it.

Here are just a few of the things we’re most looking forward to:




(above image courtesy of wisconsin techsearch)


  • You all finally getting to meet Baylor Adelaide Harrison.
  • Family and Friends
  • Diet Dr. Pepper (Brett)
  • Sonic (Christie)
  • Worshiping with lots of people… in English.
  • Running races and triathlons (Brett)
  • Tender cuts of meat that don’t taste like fish (especially Christie)
  • Dryers (Christie)
  • Convenience in all things
  • Playgrounds (Baylor)
  • Babysitters (Brett AND Christie)


Below is a furlough calendar of sorts — where we’ll be and when.  Send us an email if you’d like to get together (or you might get one from us soon):

  • Aug 1-8  –  Time with our immediate families
  • Aug 9-17  –  Murfreesboro, Tennessee
    • Aug 14, worship with Stones River Church
  • Aug 18-28  –  Fort Myers, Florida — Tropical Agriculture Class (Brett only)
  • Aug 18-28  –  Richmond, Virginia (Christie and Baylor)
  • Aug 29 -Sep 17  –   Richmond, Virginia (all of us)
    • Sep 4, worship with Three Chopt Church
  • Sep 18-24  –  ? Traveling to Alabama
    • Sep 24, Florida Atlantic at Auburn
  • Sep 25 – Oct 5  –  Dothan, Alabama
  • Oct 6-10  –  Andalusia, Alabama
    • Oct 9, worship with Cedar Grove Church
  • Oct 15-16  –  Daingerfield, Texas
    • Oct 16, worship with Daingerfield Church
  • Oct 17-22  –  Dallas(ish), Texas
    • Oct 19-22, Global Missions Conference
  • Oct 23-25  –  Abilene, Texas
  • Oct 26-29  –  San Antonio, Texas
  • Oct 30 – Nov 2  –  Searcy, Arkansas
  • Nov 3-10  –  Dothan, Alabama
    • Nov 4-5, National Peanut Festival
    • Nov 6, worship with Westgate Church
  • Nov 11-17  –  Murfreesboro, Tennessee
    • Nov 12, Huntsville 1/2 Marathon
    • Nov 13, worship with Stones River Church


And here is a list of ways in which you might can help us while we’re home.  Please email if you can loan us one of these items, supply for us one of these services, or know of a way we could get them for cheap:

  • Baylor needs to see a pediatrician.
  • Brett and Baylor need to see a dermatologist.
  • Christie (or maybe all of us) needs to see a dentist.
  • Baylor needs to borrow a forward-facing toddler car-seat.
  • Baylor also needs to borrow a Pack-n-Play.
  • Brett is looking to borrow a road or triathlon bike (between sizes 58-62cm) — or to buy a cyclocross bike  for cheap.  He’s ultimately trying to find a way to sell his road and mountain bikes (in Tanzania or Rwanda) so he can buy a cyclocross bike to replace them both.  But he also wants to race a couple of triathlons during furlough.
  • Brett also would like to borrow a trunk-mount bike rack.
  • We’re also still looking for sponsors for Brett to take a Tropical Agriculture Development course through ECHO.
    • Class registration = $545
    • Plane ticket = $300
Thanks for reading.  We can’t wait to see all of you!


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20 responses to “coming to america: missionaries on furlough

  1. Craig Bullington

    Sounds like you’ll be in my stomping ground august 9 – 17 (murfreesboro), would you be free to meet up any?

    • sure thing. we’d love to — or i’d love to, depending on when and where, i suppose. though it looks like our time actually in murfreesboro (the august visit anyway) will be the 10-14th. let’s plan on getting together, though.

  2. I have a friend in the Franklin area that’s a Derm PA I work with in Guatemala. Email me at and I’m sure I can hook you up and she’d take care of you guys.

    • wow! lana, it’s great to hear from you. i had no idea you were reading. and christie will for sure send you an email. are you in franklin now?

      • No I’m actually in PA school myself in Mobile, AL about to start my own year of clinical rotations before I can officially graduate. But I’m going back to Guatemala in Aug to do some more medical mission work. I’d love to talk to you guys while you’re home about the needs where you guys are!

      • I should probably add that I’ll be in Murfreesboro in August while you guys are, not Mobile haha

        • great. we’re looking forward to seeing you. and glad to hear about PA school and the work in guatemala.

          christie said she’d email you soon. but i have the computer today, so it for sure won’t be right now… see you in august.

  3. Wow. That is quite a schedule!! I will ask around about those bikes and bike racks. I know some tall peeps who are well stocked and they might have something.

  4. Hurrah for ECHO!

    The July 11th issue of the New Yorker has a really good article about mountain biking in Rwanda. It is well worth your read, although it’s not free…

    • i read what i was allowed to read for free — and enjoyed that much. though i’m not going to pay to finish it. thanks for the link, though.

      still in bukoba?

      • Yup, still in Bukoba, until at least the middle of next week.

        If you come across the issue in a public library there in the US, I think you’d appreciate it.

  5. David Robinson

    You could borrow my bike (60cm Trek 1500 road bike) if you come to colorado. it’d be a nice downhill ride back to tennessee, you could eat your weight in corn on the sides of the highway, and you’d only have to buy one airline ticket.

    • that sounds like a terrific idea. especially because i was just thinking about how my time in the states is going to be way too long, and so i’d like to spend a week or two of it riding a bicycle. that should make an otherwise boring stay go by a little quicker….

  6. Ted

    Wish I could get you out to California…

    • i would love to come to california. though it sounds pretty impossible at this point. just as likely that you’d come to tanzania probably. or we could meet halfway, like in kenya.

  7. Marc Childress


    Jen was talking your Mom and she mentioned that you were looking for a race to do in the States. I’m entered in the Nations Trin in DC during the time you may be in Richmond and I am in no shape to compete. Interested?

    Marc Childress

    • hey marc, good to hear from you. i hope you guys are doing well. mom said you all were coming to dothan at some point soon. thanks for the offer on the tri entry, but it seems we’re going to the outer banks on saturday the 10th — and the race is on the 11th? i think i’m going to try and race the outer banks tri on the 10th.

      but since when did being in shape become a prerequisite for triathlon participation?

  8. Hope you enjoy your time here…. Richmond is nice. Been there a few times If you do find yourself in the Washington, D.C. area I would be up for buying you coffee or a beer (if your not offended….)

    • not offended, and if we end up traveling north, i’ll let you know. though as of now our trip away from richmond will take us toward the outer banks and not d.c. i’ve been to d.c. before but never the obx. i’m excited about seeing lighthouses, though christie kind of thinks i’m a loser because of that.

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