brett’s morning blend (12jul11)

Some of the best of what I’ve seen on the internet lately.  And if you’ve ever been disappointed by Tom Selleck, there’s extra incentive for you to read to the bottom of the post.  But please do remember that you’ve got a lot to live for.  And think of all the people who would miss you if you were gone.  It really would be quite selfish to end your life over a mustache.

Why I Am / Am Not Charismatic

C. Michael Patton has recently become one of my favorite bloggers.  He writes the “Parchment & Pen” blog at Credo House.  He and a charismatic friend of his are currently about four posts into an 11+ part series on the Charismatic movement.  They offer opposing views, but make clear that this is a discussion and not a debate.  This should prove to be an incredibly interesting series — and thus far it has indeed.  The link above is only to the introduction of the series, but snoop around and find the other posts; it will be well worth your time.

The Problem of Evil in a Nutshell

Since I seem to be highlighting “Parchment and Pen,” I should include this link.  God is good and loving, and God is all-powerful.  So why does evil still exist?  Patton offers three possible reasons.  I love when teachers give us choices instead of simply touting one option as true while ignoring the existence of others. 

Where’s the Cross in James?

Martin Luther had some serious problems with the book of James.  In fact he referred to it as “an epistle of straw” and claimed it contained “nothing of the nature of the gospel.”  I think Luther was mistaken, but it is indeed true that the cross is never explicitly mentioned in the book of James.  Tony Reinke suggests in this post that Paul and James have far more in common as far as theology goes than many would believe.

Gospel-Driven Effort

A great article by Kevin DeYoung on sanctification after justification and how effort is indeed required in Christianity.  He says some Christians are lazy.  I’m aghast.

Beer Drinkers More Likely to Contract Malaria?

Yep, it’s been proven.  If you drink beer you’re a more attractive target to the mosquitoes who carry malaria.  That’s why I mix my beer with insect repellent.

Harry Potter vs. Star Wars

Yeah, I don’t love either of them.  But I assume some of you do.

8 Prehistoric Creatures From Your Nightmares

If you like dinosaurs, you’re very welcome for this incredible link.  Fossil reconstructions have given us a better idea of what many dinosaurs actually looked like.  And they were strange.  Crazy strange.  The 50-foot long giant snake that ate crocodiles whole is by far the most normal of all these creatures.

American Mustache Institute

This website is pretty remarkable.  There’s a blog, a gallery of mustaches, and even a mustache style guide.  Here’s an excerpt from AMI’s history page:

Television and mustache stalwart Tom Selleck shaved his mustache, crippling the movement, and leading to a suicide attempt by Callahan.

“I simply lost it,” Callahan says in retrospect. “Selleck was a pillar of the Mustached American culture and movement. When he went, I essentially thought life was over and that 30 years of my life had gone for naught.”


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3 responses to “brett’s morning blend (12jul11)

  1. I do indeed like HP and SW and I thought the comparison was hilarious. Those creatures are very strange…but interesting…and strange. And back in the day I used to think Tom Selleck was cute. Great Blend!

  2. Back in the day being when I was 10, watching shows at Granny’s house.

    Okay, so I’d probably still think he was handsome now should I be watching one of those shows…

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