garrison keillor on self-righteous pissery

Many of you may know that Garrison Keillor is one of my favorite authors.  Here he speaks of church factions, doctrinal divisions, an absence of peacemakers, and an abundance of “self-righteous pissery” (his words, not mine):  

In the Sanctified Brethren church, a tiny fundamentalist bunch who we were in, there was a spirit of self-righteous pissery and B.S.ification among certain elders that defied peacemaking.  They were given to disputing small points of doctrine that to them seemed the very fulcrum of the faith.  We were cursed with a surplus of scholars and a deficit of peacemakers, and so we tended to be divisive and split into factions.  One dispute when I was a boy had to do with the question of hospitality toward those in error, whether kindness shown to one who holds false doctrine implicates you in his wrongdoing.  —  Garrison Keillor, Leaving Home, pg 155.

That’s funny, I’ve never before heard the Church of Christ referred to as the “Sanctified Brethren Church.”  

Only kidding…  kind of.



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5 responses to “garrison keillor on self-righteous pissery

  1. Asia

    “Self-righteous pissery and B.S.ification”
    I think I shall look into this Garrison Keillor man.

    • Andrew Hill left a link to this post on his FB page. Here is what I responded to his post.

      “i have listened to Garrison K. since 1987 and read his books since the early 1990’s. The dude is tremendously talented and he is a voice that keeps me young every Saturday at 6pm eastern time in the cooler months. i do not agree with his poly/sci positions on most things but his place in entertainment and literature history will rival Samuel Clemons.”

      he is a brilliant story teller. once he was speaking about the vocal abilities of the Lutherans and that it was the only church that when someone would break out impromptu “Happy Birthday” the entire collection of people could sing it in 4 part harmony. (being a former church of Christ attendee I can find humor in that)

      Anyway – enjoy Asia, your search of G.K. Each of his shows are archived online. Do a search for Prairie Home Companion. Each show is 2 hours long and he does a 20 to 30 minute story telling each week, most often in the second hour. I have studied him because I like his speaking style.

      • matthew, thanks for taking the time to come over and post on the blog. i really appreciate it.

        and i definitely concur with your thoughts on keillor’s tremendous talent. i don’t get to listen to him anymore, because our internet’s not good enough to download audio. [although it has just in the last week become good enough, so after furlough i might indeed be able to subscribe to a lake wobegone podcast….

        and, matthew, this is probably poor form — but since you’re as big a gk fan as i am (or bigger) — here’s a link to the time i tried to kind of impersonate keillor in a post. lake wobegone is either not as well known as i thought OR i did a horrible job of writing. because this post was NOT popular:

        lake snow-be-gone days

        and here’s another post in which i offered keillor love:

        whatever happened to being sorry?

    • hey, asia. hope you made it… (where were you going from tanzania?) — anyway, i hope you made it there safely.

      do look up garrison keillor, though i’m afraid my post may have made it look as if he’s a religious writer. he’s not. but if it’s any consolation, i’d much rather read him than religious writers. though matthew’s right to encourage you to listen to him. he’s a great storyteller. reading his books is good, but listening to him tell stories is better.

  2. Well, I have known my share of elders who ‘defied peacemaking’ that’s for sure. I thought it was a qulification for an elder till I was about 25 or so…LOL

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