scratch ‘n’ sniff blog post

I recently heard about a new TV that will allow us to smell what we’re watching.  Samsung’s working on it and it’s (creatively) being called “Smell-o-Vision.”  Sounds to me like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or a really old SNL skit (do you remember the “Bass-O-Matic?”).  Anyway, you can read more about Samsung’s smelly TV here.

But all this got me thinking…. Frankly, if the engineers at Samsung (with their inferior brain size and second-rate lab equipment) can do this with television, I should be able to do it with my personal blog.  So I did.  But, as astoundingly intelligent as I am when it comes to technology and applied sciences, I just could not find a way to get the smells to emanate from the computer screen without having to scratch the screen itself.  So forgive me that I’ve not worked out all the kinks, but old-fashioned scratch ‘n’ sniff is better than no sniff, right?

Instructions for experiencing the scratch ‘n’ sniff experience:

  1. Scratch the image you’d like to smell.
  2. Put your nose to the screen and sniff that same image.
  3. Enjoy these delectable aromas.
  4. Marvel at my wisdom and mastery of all things technology.

strawberry shortcake, the original food-like smelling thing that's not food.

everyone loves the smell of coffee. even people who don't like coffee. it's true.

freshly mowed grass smells great as long as you're not the one who had to mow it

quite possibly the best smell in the whole world, i became addicted to sun-ripened raspberry as a senior in high school. i barely graduated as a result.

meat (no further explanation needed).

this is actually the only cologne i wear. i buy it at pacsun for pretty cheap and like the way it smells. i only feel strange for the couple of minutes i'm in pacsun -- kind of like i'm not supposed to buy this stuff because i'm not a 19-year old skateboarder.

i prefer the smell of the cookies, but the taste of the cookie dough. being that this is scratch 'n' sniff, though, and not lick 'n' taste....



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6 responses to “scratch ‘n’ sniff blog post

  1. randy morgan

    it didn’t work on my computer. do i need to downlowd some special software for the smell to work on mac?

  2. Daniel

    it worked just fine on my mac and I was even able to eat the cookies. nice work, brett.

  3. This whole post smells a little fishy to me! 🙂

  4. Ted

    Jerk! I’m allergic to half of this stuff! My eyes are going to water for a week!

  5. Jason

    Hmmmm, my computer must be malfunctioning. I smelt the coffee and it smelled good which is clearly a malfunction for me because in non-scratch n sniff life I strongly dislike the smell of coffee. I am confused at this occurrence.

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