my furlough race calendar

Living in Tanzania, I’ve really missed being able to run races and compete in triathlons.  So I’ve crammed as many races as I can into our furlough plans this year.  I’m not in just amazing shape, but I have been running and biking a little.  I think I ought to be able to set personal records in every race distance that I didn’t race before the age of 21.  [I was much faster back then — possibly due to being 40-60 pounds lighter.]  And thanks to some really nice friends, I have a loaner bike to ride, and my registration costs are even being subsidized.

Here’s a list of the races I’m entering.  If you’re nearby and looking for some friendly competition, feel free to join me.  

Sat., August 6  —  Pigeon Forge Midnight 8K (Pigeon Forge, TN)

Sat., August 13  —  Run To Rescue 5K (Huntsville, AL)

Sun., September 11  —  Outer Banks Sprint Triathlon (Outer Banks, NC)

*Sat., September 24  —  AUM Senator Stampede 5K (Montgomery, AL)

Sat., October 1  —  Santa Rosa Island Triathlon (Pensacola, FL)

Fri., October 28  —  Dia De Los Muertos 8K (San Antonio, TX)

Sat., November 5  —  Chili 5K (Fort Rucker, AL)

Sat., November 12  —  Huntsville Half-Marathon (Huntsville, AL)

* I’ll only race this one if Auburn kickoff is late enough.  We’re going to the game that day.  War Eagle!


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5 responses to “my furlough race calendar

  1. Awww, I wish I was going to be in HSV for the August 13th 5K–I really love how they coordinate the races there and “Run to Rescue” looks like a fantastic cause to support! …WAR EAGLE!! =)

  2. I will be at Run to Rescue and the Huntsville Half… along with some other fam of mine you might know. 😉 I’d try to take you down, but after seeing your goals…it may prove to be tough.

    • so you’re not doing the bike race on the weekend of run to rescue? it’ll be great to see you and the family.

      as for taking me down, all you saw were my goals. you haven’t seen my failure to hit the times on my workouts.

      • Yep, we are going to be here. That race is in my stomping grounds and there are so few races in Madison, I like to support all that I can. Plus, they are run on all of my running routes so I like to believe that gives me an edge. 🙂 That one could prove to be hilly, so you might have an edge too.

        Should injuries or circumstances not prevent me, I may attempt the smack down in the half-marathon. But if you train for it like you are planning to…it isn’t looking good for me.

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