brett’s morning blend (27jul11)

Have you ever wondered why Usain Bolt can run so fast?  Have you ever wanted to take part in an African circumcision ceremony (if so, I’m wondering why)?  Have you ever suspected that farming is the worst mistake the human race has ever made?  Then grab a cup of coffee, my friend….  

Jando Circumcision Ceremony

A couple of my buddies in southern Tanzania were invited to take part in this rite of passage (maybe “take part” is not the best wordage there).  This little essay is not only interesting and informative, but it begs the question, “Are we American men missing out by having no formal ceremony in which we become men?  And if so, can we please choose something besides circumcision?”

Case Study In Science of Sprinting

Many of us assume world class sprinters have higher foot turnover than the rest of us.  Not true, studies show.  Running fast is not an issue of taking more (and faster) steps, but an issue of 1) how long the foot is actually in contact with the ground and 2) how much force is applied in that fraction of a second.

Is the Fastest Human Already Alive?

Are we reaching the limits of speed?  How fast exactly can the human body run?  Will anyone ever be faster than Usain Bolt?  [My opinion:  If there’s ever a period of time longer than 10 years in which no new world records are set in running, we should begin setting wild animals loose behind the starting line, just before the gun goes off.  I’m convinced all we need is a little extra motivation (well, that and more steroids).] 

Natural Running Center

Many of you know I switched over to barefoot and minimalist shoe running in February 2010.  And I love it.  If you’re interested in making that transition — or if you’re just interested in reading more about barefoot running form — this website’s packed with great information.  

The Worst Mistake In the History of the Human Race

Yep, the author suggests agriculture is the source of all our problems.  This is a great read if you enjoy anthropology, history, farming, or hunting/gathering.  Are there any hunter/gatherers reading my blog?

The 100 Best English Books?

And the average person has read six of them.  I’ve read… (I’m ashamed to say it) four.  Though I think 8-10 of them were given as reading assignments in school.  I also should point out, though, that if we count watching movies as reading books, then I’m easily over the average of six.  How many have you read? 

Sugar Does NOT Make Your Children Hyper

It’s just not true.  Dozens of studies have proved it false.  It’s a misconception and nothing more.  However, sugar can make your kids fat.  It can also make them not want to eat their vegetables.  And it can ruin a good cup of joe.




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8 responses to “brett’s morning blend (27jul11)

  1. Jason

    I didn’t know you were a minimalist runner. I’m one in philosophy and though I don’t do all of my runs in my Vibrams or completely barefoot, I’m slowly making the transition to complete barefoot while trying to keep my training going for my University. On a side note, that list of 100 “books” has several listed that are in fact more than one book, such as “The Lord of the Rings” which is a trilogy. Also J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is in fact 7 books. The number 100 is a little misleading.

    • jason, tell me more about training for university; for whom do you run? what distances, etc? do tell.

      about the “100” books being misleading, what’s sad is that i’ve still only read 4. yeah, i generally stick to running and travel magazines.

      • Jason

        Well, over my collegiate career I’ve stopped and started competing for teams several times. Each time I go to a new school it is in some different league with different eligibility rules. So I’m now at my third university working on my Master’s in Linguistics and when I got to Canada I found out I had eligibility, so I’ll be running cross country and Track, though I’m best at Track, namely the 1500 meters. To be honest I’d rather be out there just running lots of miles. I have friends into ultra-marathons and such and I just like the philosophy and lifestyle of ultras and how that all connects with my passion for missions and Bible Translation. Its a strange and wonderful concoction. But yea, so I’m here studying and running and its fun, but I can’t wait to get out there and use what I’m learning.

  2. I found the article on circumcision more interesting than the one calling farming the worst mistake in human history. The later is the stock and trade of a godless worldview.

  3. Very cool blend. I learned that speed stuff in class. 🙂 VERY interesting. I have also read 56 of those books – more if you get to count movies. SO many good ones in there (and new ideas for reading material as well).

    Sugar does not ruin a cup of joe. Keep that up and I will tell you the evils of diet dp. 😛

  4. Amber O

    I’ve seen that book list circulated before and have never been able to figure it out. They can’t be the BEST (there’s no universe in which Bridget Jones’ Diary belongs on a list with To Kill a Mockingbird). But for the record, I’ve read about 35 of them.

  5. JMF

    Interesting circumcision article. If I were a little more Jewish, I’d likely have considered becoming a mohel.

    As far as speed goes, read this book excerpt:

    I read this a couple years ago and have been meaning to read the book.

  6. Ted

    read 15 of those entries. sad for an ex-English teacher.

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