“She’s throwing up!  She’s throwing up!”

Those were the first words spoken to me in the United States in 2 1/2 years.  And they were offered by a stranger describing Baylor’s first ever action on U.S. soil.  An action I didn’t so much need described, however, as the girl was in my arms and her vomitus was enveloping my clothing and bags.

She’d been napping when we exited the plane, though we were debating waking her to help with sleep schedules.  But she woke herself.

Waiting in the (extremely long) customs line of the Atlanta airport, Baylor woke up — and seeing all the excess, materialism, and greed of her fellow Americans — promptly vomited.

Okay, it had nothing to do with materialism and greed.  But excess was more than likely involved.  In our attempts to encourage our daughter to be a good little girl during our flights, we gave her a snack every time she asked for food.  And if she wouldn’t eat fruit or something healthy, we supplied the little munchkin with junk food.  So we assume it was an excess of Life Savers, Smarties, and cheese and onion chips that did the job.

So Christie stripped Baylor down and I changed shirts in front of 1000 waiting — but sympathetic,tanned, and well-vacationed — American citizens.  Then we were promptly moved to the front of the line.  Awesome.  [We’ve got to remember this trick….]

It’s now 3:30 Wednesday morning.  Baylor and I are eating cereal and playing with ping pong balls in the home of a couple we met for the first time last night… as we entered their home smelling of vomit and Chik-fil-A (our first meal in the Americas).  

It wasn’t jetlag that woke me this morning — er, I should say it wasn’t MY jetlag that woke me this morning.  But I don’t mind so much getting up at 3:30 am when my reward is a cold Diet Dr. Pepper.  Well, that and a daughter who’s not vomited again after the one incident last night.  I hate to have given my own daughter a sugar-induced fit of vomiting, but it’s surely better than someone else giving her a virus.

All of this to say that the Harrisons are safe and sound back in the United States.  And we’re happy to be here.  Hope to see you soon.

Addendum:  Less than three minutes after publishing this blog post, Baylor threw up again.  Joy.



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15 responses to “arrivals

  1. Welcome home Brett. And welcome to an ice cold Diet Dr. Pepper. A real “aaaahhhh” experience I am sure. Hope Baylor is feeling better by the time you read this.

  2. o dear, nothing like a baby to make an entrance. hope she is ok

  3. Welcome back to the States! I pray Baylor is well soon and that you and Christie are protected from being sick.

  4. Emily

    Glad y’all made it safely. And so sorry Baylor is sick ) : Sick toddlers are so pitiful. Have fun seeing friends and family! (and drinking diet dr peppers)

  5. Welcome home! I hope sleep schedules get settled out soon and that Baylor is feeling MUCH better soon also!

  6. “…and seeing all the excess, materialism, and greed of her fellow Americans — promptly vomited.”

    I did the same thing when I got back from Nigeria last year. I know exactly how she feels.

  7. Hope your trip goes well and all can adjust quickly (and Baylor improves). My apologies for the “moist heat.” Prayers.

  8. Daniel

    welcome back. make sure Baylor is finished upchucking before ya’ll get to our house.

  9. man I live in America and you eat more chick-fil-a than I do. wish they’d migrate out west (and you as well, want a nice family vacation while on furlough?)

  10. Yikes! I hope Baylor is feeling better soon!

  11. Ted

    Welcome, Harrisons. Wish we could see you.

  12. Sorry Baylor! My friend just became some kind of VP at Baylor!
    We’ve been there as parents for sure.
    miss your blog Brett.
    I’ve been around, just not around.
    have a new thing and work now.
    hope all is well as soon as the vomitus eruptus leaves.
    🙂 terraincognita girl

  13. Yes! An MK after my own heart…

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