the late arrival of harper mae

Harper Mae has finally arrived.  She was born on February 4, 2012, at 3:30 pm (you Americans are reading the future right now).  6 lbs, 12 oz — 20 1/2 in.  May God be praised!

Mother and child are both healthy and happy… and resting right now.  Me, I’m posting pictures of my second beautiful daughter on the internet.

baylor and aunt brittney check out the newest family member

I can’t help but think about how scared and afraid I was at this point with Baylor — I just knew I would accidentally crush the fragile child.  But I didn’t.  Nor will I this one, you’ll be happy to know.

"but, dad, i don't want to pay my own health insurance!'

Looking Back:




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29 responses to “the late arrival of harper mae

  1. Amber

    Congratulations! Harper is beautiful, as are the rest of the ladies in your home. Enjoy the new addition.

  2. Sandi Wakefield

    Congratulations…So happy for you guys!!! She looks so adorable and such a perfect size! Can’t wait to meet her. Praying God’s blessings on your growing family!
    Love you guys! Greg, Sandi, Mason and Katie Beth

  3. Milynda

    I am so happy. I was just sitting here thinking about you and your family when I saw this. Praise God! May you be full of joy and may health and peace be abundant in your household.

  4. randy morgan

    thrilled for you, brett…please do not mess her up.

  5. LoriBelle

    Congratulations!!! I didn’t even know you guys were expecting again…haven’t been around. But she is just as beautiful as Baylor!!!

    • thanks, loribelle. you and i both haven’t been around. and she actually looks a lot like baylor. i’ll probably post some comparison photos at some point — or ask christie to on her blog….

  6. Kevin Linderman

    thanks for the pictures!!! Glad you all are well.

    • welcome for the pictures. see you later this month! [i placed an order (of sorts) for glow sticks a couple of days ago, so we can use them in our huge game of capture the flag at rondo.]

  7. Beautiful! Just beautiful! I am so glad that something good happened on such a bad day. Good luck and may life be filled with great blessings down Harper’s road of life.

  8. Caryl Tucker

    Brett and Christie, Congratulations to all of you. Give Baylor and Brittney a hug for us. Take care, we love and miss you. God Blessing on you!

    Caryl and Ronnie

  9. Daniel

    Congratulations. She is beautiful. And so are you.

  10. Jan Hildebrand

    congratulations! She is just beautiful! What a blessing—so very glad mom and baby are both well! Answered prayers for sure! 🙂 Praying for you all as you continue to serve God!

  11. Thankful for Harper’s arrival. I pray all goes well as you go through the legal process of getting her documents!

  12. Ted

    Well done, Harrisons.

  13. Congrats Brett & Christie. May God bless you with continued good health and an inability to crush your baby.

  14. You are so blessed; a brand new little person to cuddle. Congratulations to the whole family and well done to the clever Mommy. Enjoy all the magical moments with your gorgeous new baby girl.

  15. Glory to God! Congratulations!

  16. Congratulations Brett and Christie!! She is so beautiful! I hope everyone continues to do well!

  17. Kasey

    So does Baylor look really huge compared to Harper? No one warned us how big AE would look. I always thought, the newest one would seem so tiny, but instead it was the other way around. Crazy how fast they grow up. I hope Baylor doesn’t get too jealous. Harper is beautiful. Congrats.

  18. Chris

    Congratulations! She’s beautiful – Just like Baylor!

  19. Susan wehmeier

    Congratulations to all three of you! Great grandma just told me the news. Lots of girls are great! I’m glad you are all well and appreciate the great work you are doing in Geita. Take care! Love, Lee, Susan & girls

  20. Congrats, bud!! Adorable little peanuts they are 🙂

  21. Kate Connell

    YEAH!! great job, guys. and Christie looks not quite so exhausted as last time. 🙂

  22. She’s adorable! Both of my girls were late. Funny ending.

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