brett’s morning blend (16feb12)

Grab your coffee and enjoy the links.

The Importance of Roughhousing With Your Kids

This just in from The Art of Manliness blog: good fathers wrestle with their kids.  It’s really beneficial to their development, guys.  Go on, put your kid in a headlock.

18 Ways to Travel for Free or Next to Nothing

Do you like to travel?  Would you like to spend less money doing so?  Here are several ideas to help you do just that.

Etymology of African Country Names

Pretty sure Tanzania and Kenya were the only two I already knew.  Ethiopia comes from the Greek for “charred complexion.”  Burkina Faso means “the land of upright people.”  And they couldn’t find the meaning behind Rwanda; so if you know, the author is interested in speaking with you.

University of Texas Scared to Join SEC

Funny.  All their reasons for not wanting to join just don’t seem to make any sense.  Could the real reason be that Texas likes to rule a weak conference and is afraid of tough competition?  Yeah, that’s it.

Bacon Milkshakes?!?

You guys know I like to link to pretty much all things bacon.  And so I’m linking to this bad review of the new bacon shake from Jack in the Box.  It seems there’s no bacon in it.

Pictures We Love

National Geographic’s Best of December photography.  Here’s the one that most caught my eye:

It’s an aerial shot of riverbeds in a desert in Mexico, and it stood out to me because it looks so much like a tree.  I’ve been studying permaculture a lot lately, and one of the themes is looking for patterns which frequently occur in nature.

What French Parents Do Better Than Americans

I was mostly interested in this article for its talk of not distinguishing between adults’ and kids’ foods.  Christie and I don’t give Baylor “kid” food; she eats whatever we eat unless it’s extremely spicy.  Hopefully, this will help her appreciate a wide variety of foods much earlier than her chicken-finger-and-grilled-cheese-devouring counterparts.

What did you find of interest on the internet this week?



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9 responses to “brett’s morning blend (16feb12)

  1. Thanks for these links! Enjoyed the Pictures we Love, Etymology of Africa and finally.. 18 ways to travel for free.. 😉

  2. My kids and I do PLENTY of the wrestling thing. I guess that’s ONE thing I’ve got right.

  3. This week, I liked this:
    I think you will too. 🙂

  4. Oh, and maybe I should warn people before they click that link, the first picture may be somewhat surprising. It is called “Runner’s are Different” and it has runners doing some runner-like odd things… and the first one has a bare backside in it. Brett, please remove it if you need to. I posted before I thought about it. :S

  5. Runners minus the apostrophe…. This is my last comment about my comments, I promise.

  6. Hadn’t seen the UT article, so glad to have read it. (I am a Baylor grad and I absolutely loathe the Longhorns.)
    But, I must say, I’m not sure the SEC is really gaining much by getting the Aggies…

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