I’m a sucker for humor.

I like to think of myself as relatively consistent when it comes to disciplining Baylor, my two-year old.  But if her offense is funny enough, I sometimes can’t keep from grinning — or even laughing.  And if my daughter can make me laugh as she breaks my rules, I feel like she’s somehow earned her own pardon.

[I had a teacher in high school who would give you credit for any wrong test answer that made him laugh.  I always appreciated that man.]

A few days ago, I asked Baylor to please do something or other — let’s just say she was supposed to clean up her puzzles before she got out her books.  She looked at me and shouted in her most enthusiastic voice, “NO!”

I looked at her sternly and asked, “Baylor, do we tell our baba no?”

She smiled (maybe even blinking her blue eyes at me) and offered a simple answer of one word: “Yes?”

I’ve taught her to be honest, I suppose.

To prove that I actually do occasionally discipline my daughter (the oldest one), or to the struggles I have with that, check out these related posts:
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  1. David Robinson

    definitely tough to discipline while laughing. I can definitely relate, buddy.

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