brett’s morning blend (19apr12)

Yeah, it’s been a while.  But I’m here now.  And I caught you these delicious links:

The Scale of the Universe

This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on the internet.  It is absolutely amazing.  And I don’t really have any way to explain it other than to say that it’s truly remarkable how big (and how small) different things in our universe are.  It’s humbling even.

How Wealth Reduces Compassion

The more money someone has, the less likely he is to care about and help others.  Yeah, there are studies on this.  Also, it’s not only actual wealth which reduces our ability to feel compassion for others; simply feeling that we’re better off than the next guy can prevent us from empathizing with him.

Can a Hallucinogen From Africa Cure Addiction?

Ibogaine offers an intense drug trip which can interrupt addictions, removing withdrawals immediately.  Apparently the same process takes month using normal detox methods.  Of course several people are dead because of it, also.

Name That Rap Song

Freakonomics offers a quiz in the form of rap song titles in chart form.  How many can you get?

Galaga Meets Typing

You’ve got to love a video game in which you type to kill the bad guys.  It also figures your words-per-minute pace and percentage accuracy.  I made it to Level 30, and I type 42.9 wpm with an accuracy of 95.6%.

The Fantasy World of Ants

This guy went to a lot of trouble to get these ants to “pose” in interesting fantasy worlds.  Seriously, this took him a long time.




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6 responses to “brett’s morning blend (19apr12)

  1. The ant pictures are crazy! How in the world? Are you back to stay or just tossing us a morsel?

  2. So death is the cure? If that is so, lots of people have been cured. 😜
    Obviously, I’m kidding.

  3. photosbychinwe

    I seriously cannot stop looking at that “scale of the universe” page! It’s mind-blowing. Literally. OK…not literally…you know what I mean! 🙂

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