brett’s morning blend (09may12)

If you’re a fan of cartoons, sex before marriage, or saving money, these are the links for you.  If you’re not a fan of anything of those things, well, you might as well browse being as you’re already here…

The End of Courage and the Surrender of Evangelical Sexual Ethics

Matthew Lee Anderson had a couple of great posts last week on whether or not our churches should educate single members concerning contraception.  Abstinence doesn’t seem to be working, so we might as well offer something that does, right?  We don’t want to add to the sins of fornication the sins of abortion, do we?

14 Philosophical Concepts as Basic Shapes

Holism, positivism, existentialism, and so on… illustrated through geometry.

Top Cities for Cheapskates: 10 Places You Can Live For Less

Wichita’s overall living expenses are 8% below the national average.  There are 26 Dollar Generals within a 30-mile radius of Jonesboro, Arkansas.*  St. Louis boasts 144 museums and libraries in the metro area.  And I’ve never heard of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.**

The Rules of: Pulling a Prank regularly publishes The Rules, an illustrated guide to modern etiquette.  Lots of them are entertaining, but I just happen to like pulling pranks more than most other topics of conversation.

Lego Cartoon Characters

It doesn’t take much for us to recognize some of our favorite cartoon characters.


* Not a surprise, you say?
** Only 3 Dollar Generals — and they call this a city?!



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2 responses to “brett’s morning blend (09may12)

  1. There would be two cities in Texas that a cheaper to live in but what is the crime rate there? We are possibly moving back to Texas because Terry got a new job and it is so much cheaper to live there than in the D.C. Area.

  2. Hey Brett, interesting stuff indeed. Hope you are all doing well. We are in the States but head back to Ethiopia June 26th. Stay strong.

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