white people exercising

This just in:

My level of displeasure and frustration with Tanzanians pointing at, yelling to, and taunting me is directly proportional to how far and how fast I’ve run that day.*

*Not unlike chafing.  Today was somewhere around 10 x 9-minute miles, and it’s the most irritated I’ve been in weeks (double entendre intended).

For the three most common things I hear while running, see
tanzanian kids say the darndest things.



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10 responses to “white people exercising

  1. I’m sorry they’re so irritating. At least you’re exercising. That’s good! Keep it up!
    Like you mentioned, you are white. Maybe it’s fun for them to see a white guy.

    • they’re not really irritating except when i’m really tired and worn out. otherwise i can manage kind responses to everyone. and even when i’m tired, i don’t offer rude responses. rather, i think of really sarcastic things i could say, but then i just keep my mouth shut.

  2. By the way, don’t let it end up like, “Don’t Shoot Me Santa”, by The Killers. If you haven’t heard it, listen to it. It’s kind of odd and funny. “The children on the block, they tease me.”
    I just heard it on my iPod and thought of you. 🙂

    • i like the killers, holly. and i do know the song. however, i don’t think i ever noticed the line about the other kids teasing him. my favorite killers song — as old as it may be — is ‘somebody told me.’

      • I like that song too. I read this reply yesterday but it was kind of crazy-Steph’s birthday.
        In the song, he says,”The children on the block, they tease me. I couldn’t let ’em off that easy.”

  3. Emily

    but did they tell you that even the cows could outrun you??

    • no, they didn’t tell me that. i’m sorry you have to hear it. for any other readers, they should know that it’s much worse for a female who runs in tanzania.

      one time, though, a guy with a donkey cart did insist that we race.

      • Emily

        it was ok, seeing as it was a group of secondary/high schoolers and really, large groups of teenagers are prone (unfortunately) to being rude regardless of the country.
        hmmm, a donkey cart race… that is a funny visual.

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