brett’s morning blend (15may12)

The question of the day is this:  Why do so many people write “Mother’s Day” instead of “Mothers’ Day?”  

The apostrophe seems to be in the wrong place at least 90% of the time.  I suppose I would understand if one were giving his mom a card that belongs only to her; then it could (accurately) be Mother’s Day.  But when we’re talking about the holiday itself, or when people are using it in advertisements and the like… that clearly should be Mothers’ Day.  Am I right?

And now the links:

When Paul Sent the Celebrity Pastor

In 2 Corinthians 8:18 Paul speaks of sending a brother who is famous for preaching the gospel.  And so, we meet our first celebrity pastor.

Same-Sex Marriage Makes a Lot of Sense

A brilliant piece on the theology of modern Christianity and why it’s a difficult place from which to speak out against homosexuality.  An excerpt:

How would someone who believes that sin is unhappiness and salvation is having “your best life now” make a good argument against same-sex marriage? There is simply no way of defending traditional marriage within the narrative logic that apparently most Christians—much less non-Christians—presuppose regardless of their position on this issue.

How Big is Africa?

I’ve linked to a similar map before, but it’s always surprising to me how many (very large) countries fit inside Africa’s footprint.  And I live here.  If you look at this map, I guarantee you’ll be less likely to ask me if I know your friend, who serves as a missionary in Nigeria.

How to Choose and Use a Backpack

An infographic from REI.  If you are considering transporting slices of bacon across Europe by backpack, this little chart is a must-see.  Also if you want to know how many rotary-style telephones will fit in your mule bag, you should have a look.  I suppose the chart is worth looking at even if you just want to know how to properly choose and use a backpack.

10 Beautiful Buildings Inspired by Books

My favorite: House at Martha’s Vineyard, inspired by Moby Dick.

Christie’s favorite: I didn’t ask, but I’m going with The Hobbit one.

19th Century Vice Presidential Candidates Who Resemble Famous Actors

The title of the article says “…who vaguely resemble…” but some of these are beyond vaguely resembling.  They’re spot on.

Obama Riding a Unicorn

So maybe I’m the only one who hadn’t seen this already?  Both photos are hilarious.

CocaCola Stretchy Hand

Reminded me of being a kid and using my tickets for a prize at Showbiz Pizza (in my hometown, that’s what we had before it later became Chuck-E-Cheese — I liked it better).


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8 responses to “brett’s morning blend (15may12)

  1. Brett, I have posted the one on the size of Africa to Facebook and everyone who responded was shocked to learn the continent is so large. One of the reasons for the shock is many people (all of us who are older) were conditioned to think of it being smaller than its actual size because cartographers from Europe intentionally distorted the size to make their continent appear larger in proportion. This distortion was utilized in many books that have influenced our perspectives! Amazing how hard it is to rid ourselves of deeply ingrained falsehoods!

  2. Wow, Africa is really big.

  3. Amber

    The apostrophe in Mother’s Day troubles me too, Brett. However, the greeting card and calendar industries seems to have settled on the singular. Perhaps we should think of it as “Your mother’s day.” I have the same problem with Boss’s Day. So lately I’ve been going with Mama Day and Boss Lady Day.

    • right on, amber. i’m glad someone’s with me. you know… back before it was administrative professionals day (there seems to most often be no apostrophe), it was secretary’s day. yeah, crazy. whose in charge of punctuation anyway?*

      *see what i did there?

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