brett’s morning blend (22may12)

I’ve got way more links in my morning blend pile than I know what to do with.  So here’s a whole slew of ’em (a good Alabama way to say it…).

Must Baptism Precede Membership?  Of Course!

Interesting article on the importance of baptism (not by someone from the Churches of Christ) — though I suppose I don’t know exactly how I feel about church membership the way we view it today.

Trying Not To Complain Around Missionaries

What was that you were saying about your hot water heater?  You had to call a plumber after you looked up his number on the internet while eating a sandwich in your house that didn’t have snakes regularly coming in through the holes in the wall?  No please, go on, I am riveted by this tale of survival and hardship you are spinning, much like the black widow spiders I routinely sweep off my dirt floor or ‘bed’ if you will.  Please do go on.

The Coming Meltdown in College Education

Mark Cuban is a smart man.  It’s far too easy to go to college these days.

Your Logical Fallacy is…

A list of logical fallacies with examples.  There’s also a free downloadable poster.  My favorite is the false cause:

Pointing to a fancy chart, Roger shows how temperatures have been rising over the past few centuries, whilst at the same time the numbers of pirates have been decreasing; thus pirates cool the world and global warming is a hoax.

Charity Bribes

You pledge money to a particular charity, and if the chosen celebrity accepts his/her bribe, that charity will receive all the money pledged.  But no one pays out if the celebrity refuses to participate.  Right now they’re trying to get Morgan Freeman to narrate user-submitted animal videos — and all pledges go to The Humane Society of the United States.

College Football Relegation

SB Nation spent an entire week discussing this idea of relegation in college football, though I’ve only linked you to their simulation of what college football would look like today if this system had been adopted seven years ago.  Basically, what we’re looking at is a tiered system in which the champion in every tier of a conference plays one tier up the next season.  And last place moves down a tier.  While most people won’t go for a European football system, I think it’s brilliant.  [Spoiler = Ole Miss would no longer be in the SEC, but Appalachian State would.]

Gene Chizik Gets No Respect

Seriously?!  The 36th best college football head coach?  Really?!  He’s gone 8-5 (in the SEC) in two of his three seasons at Auburn.  In that other one?  Oh, yeah… a national championship.

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