4th of july in geita

I didn’t take any pictures on the 4th of July.  But some of our teammates and interns did, so I’ll send you right over to their blogs.  Afterwards, I’ll tell you a little about our day:

Holly’s Review of the 4th

Natalie’s Review (on the blog she shares with the other Oklahoma Christian University interns — this post is mostly about preparing a pig for her big day)

The Geita team’s 4th of July celebration was at our house this year.  My day started a little before 7 am, when I put the ribs and pork shoulder in the oven to cook and put the steaks in a marinade to sit a while.  Then the interns started their day just as they do every weekday, with a class at 9 am — Wednesdays are Swahili class (as are Mondays and Fridays, and I’m the Swahili teacher.

Once class was done, we just spent the day together.  We kicked a soccer ball around, had a bocce ball tournament (Calvin won), played several rounds of Pictionary on the Groen’s big white board, and ate a ton of food.  You may not be surprised to know that food was my favorite part (even more than the company, if I’m honest*):

Lunch was cheeseburgers, filet mignon (for about $1.65 a pound**), baked beans, cole slaw, watermelon, and jello.  Dinner was pulled pork sandwiches and ribs with the same sides.  Then Alicia surprised us with homemade root beer with which to make ice cream floats (a very special treat).


* Nothing against the company.  They’re all great.  I just have a really special place in my heart for grilled beef and slow-cooked pork.
** It takes a lot to make the beef here tender and/or tasty, but it’s nice that one thing is doesn’t take a lot of is money.  Our team bought the entire pig (a small one — dressed out at 80 pounds) for just under $100 — and all took home a fair amount of meat in addition to what we ate on the 4th.


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5 responses to “4th of july in geita

  1. Ted

    Sounds like a good day, bro, especially the rootbeer. And meat.

  2. So glad you had such a great day! We were going to take the kids to D.C. for the 4th but we had a bad storm on the Friday before the 4th and were without power until Tuesday. We stuck it out in the hot house-it the temps got up to 100 degrees-until Sunday. Then, we had to get a hotel room! All the hotels were booked with locals without power!
    I thought of you at one point-out there in the heat all the time.
    We still had a good 4th, though, seeing fireworks in Leesburg, through the windows of our nice, cool car.

    • Milynda

      @ Brett – glad that you had a great fourth. I thoroughly enjoy the meat and dessert the best. The people are cool too.

      @ 4Hollyg – that storm was a beast. There are still people without power (granted less than 100). Hope that the storm did not do too much damage. When all else fails, head to the hills.

  3. Thank you. We had no damage, thankfully.

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