God’s third language

As I turned to leave Ibondo village, I realized I’d forgotten to pray for the interns I was entrusting to Matayo for the weekend.  So I turned to the preacher and said (in Swahili), “I want to pray for these guys before I head back to Geita.”

Then, as the four of us bowed our heads, I thought I’d warn Matayo the prayer was going to be in English.

To which he responded, “God even understands that language.*”

* … as if Sukuma was God’s first language, Swahili his second, and English something he picked up a little of while backpacking through Europe.



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2 responses to “God’s third language

  1. You post today makes me remember the time I was given a great revelation: God is not American. ;O)

  2. The only language that we have in common with god,is SMILE!!^_^

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