brett’s morning blend (22aug12)

I haven’t done this in quite some time.  Here are your links:

The Hole Rule

Richard Beck addresses the all-important issue of how long to wear clothes before replacing them… provided you want to move away from the consumerist mentality that is so common in our United States.

Let It Fly

It’s not often that I read long stories on the internet.*  But I’m glad I read this one.  Mo Isom, a former LSU women’s goalkeeper, is trying out as a kicker for the Tigers’ football team.  But the story is about so much more than just that.  Writer Jordan Conn tells Isom’s story in a way that brushes up against so many interesting (and difficult) subjects: women in sport, food disorders, suicide, family problems, and the overcoming of obstacles.  You really ought to read this piece.

The Most Comma Mistakes

I thought I was pretty good with punctuation until I read this piece.  Quite informative (with lots of written examples for people like me who just don’t understand it without seeing it).

Fast Facts on Coffee Consumption

An infographic.  The number of cups of coffee I imbibe in a day is above average.

Say Pleonasm: 9 Common Phrases Longer Than They Need to Be (like this title)

There’s only one nape, and it’s on your neck.  Also, you can’t ford anything but a river.

* Or ones with big words.



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3 responses to “brett’s morning blend (22aug12)

  1. helen

    Haven’t started in yet, but I enjoy reading info via links. Just a matter of how much time I have to allot. Thanks, Brett.

  2. Really enjoyed the piece on Mo Isom.

  3. Meg the intern

    I think the pleonasm article is kind of silly. Human communication depends on stock phrases and filler words. Or maybe that’s just me…

    I enjoyed the links though!

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