red knot racing company


Red Knot Racing Company is the premier luxury endurance racing company serving Tanzania.  They provide their racers with the opportunity to run and bike in some of the world’s most beautiful locations, both comfortably and in style. Red Knot’s luxury racing packages are all-inclusive, their tour groups are small, and their itineraries are custom designed for endurance athletes with distinguishing tastes.

Currently, Red Knot Racing is offering a special on their 2013 Kilimanjaro Marathon package which, in addition to the race, includes luxury accommodations, dining, and wildlife viewing in four Tanzania game parks, a host of really great extras while there, and an American endurance athlete host and guide.

That host and guide… me.


I’ve started a business — well, a friend of mine named Wes Gunn and I have (some of you know him — sorry, by the way).  Our company is called Red Knot Racing, and we’re going live with our website today.  I’ve been anxious to tell you guys (while I don’t find it difficult keeping other people’s secrets at all, it’s really hard keeping my own), but I’ve wanted to wait until we had everything in order.

Since you all know me fairly well and regularly read about my life in Tanzania, I thought I’d share with you some of my personal business goals, a few of which have already been achieved:

  • Be the best luxury endurance racing company in Tanzania.
  • Grow Red Knot Racing to serve other countries and continents.
  • Start an international triathlon in Tanzania.
  • Have a lot of fun doing two things I love: endurance racing and travel.
  • By 2019 fund all of our family’s mission and development work through Red Knot Racing.

So, have a look at our website.  If you think what we’re offering is quality (but only if you do), send a running friend an email.  Link to Red Knot Racing on your blog.  Follow us on Twitter.  Facebook, stumble, digg, or whatever else you do.  I really would appreciate any help you guys offer in getting word out about Red Knot Racing Company.

* For those of you interested in running, triathlon, health, and nutrition, I’ll be blogging on these subjects and others at the Red Knot website.  Check it out.


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3 responses to “red knot racing company

  1. Amber

    That sounds really fun, except, you know, for all the running and stuff. 🙂 I lean heavily (literally, ha!) toward couch potato, but I wish you and Wes all the best with your new business. Very cool.

  2. Congratulations on the new business James! That’s wonderful, especially the part about combining your loves. Lucky! The website looks really good – nice and simple. Good luck with it.

  3. Reblogged this on's Web Surfing Results! and commented:
    Here’s a creative example of Business As Mission. A missionary to Tanzania hopes to completely fund his ministry by 2019 by offering travel packages. With the revenue, he will cover business costs, provide for his family, and fund his development and outreach ministry. Do you know of other creative examples?

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