burned fingers

The water from our taps isn’t clean.  So I try not to drink out of cups or eat off dishes still wet after washing.  This morning I was rinsing out a coffee press and, rather than drying the press after cleaning, I opted to pour some of the water I’d just boiled over the top of it.

In an attempt to make sure I’d gotten all the surfaces of the press, I burned two of the fingers on my left hand.

As I was holding my hand under cold water, I found myself thinking about the discomfort.  Is it always the case that purification is a painful process?



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2 responses to “burned fingers

  1. I’ve just been reading some of your blog and I really enjoyed it. I happened upon this page from another runner friends blog. Although I am much older (58), I can relate to so much of your life. I am from Atlanta, GA, but living in CT. I have done some short mission trips, but my 18 y/o daughter has known since she was in fifth grade that she wants to do mission work for 2 years in Africa, after college. She will be attending Gordon College next year, which is a Christian College in MA and she is so excited that they have study abroad opportunities in Africa as well as a lot of other locations! I think she will also enjoy reading about your adventures in following Christ. Beautiful family you have there!

  2. thanks, pam, for reading. i’m always happy to make new running friends… or new friends interested in mission work. but especially when i get two for the price of one. and if your daughter ever has any questions about working in africa, my wife and i would be happy to chat with her.

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