brett’s morning blend (08dec12)

Your links.  Would you like a frothy beverage with that, sir?

What Does a New Testament Church Look Like?

Professor David Alan Black describes what he understands the New Testament church to have looked like.  Just a few thoughts from his list:  He is convinced of the “normalcy of tentmaking leadership.”  He is convinced “that top-down structures of leadership are unquestionably more efficient — efficient in doing almost everything than equipping, which is the primary task of leadership.”  And he is convinced “the process of appointing new elders is best done on the basis of recognizing who is already serving as an elder in the church.”  Great list.  [I’ve been reading more by Dave Black, and I very much recommend taking a look at his website.]

The Culture in Kitchens

An essay on the cultural importance of food, shared tables, and nutrition.

Culture begins and ends on a plate…. We eat to live and then we live to eat. From the earliest times, food played a key role in the spiritual and literal growth of families and a larger society. An infant bonds with its mother while nursing; families bond when they share food. We define hospitality with friends by inviting them to break bread – or share a refreshing adult beverage. Alas, eating plays a central role in both civility and civilization….  The day that food sharing moved beyond the immediate family was surely the beginning of a village.

Witchcraft in Tanzania:  The Good, Bad and the Persecution

Perhaps you’re familiar with the albino murders in East Africa (and specifically near Geita).  This article offers some explanation (I stress some) about that atrocity and witchcraft in general.  But it’s an interesting read if you want to know a little about the subject.  I do not, however, agree with the final assessment, offered by a Professor Mwami of Dar Es Salaam University:  “The popularization of science is the only answer to these predicaments as far as Tanzania and belief systems are concerned.”  Rather, I strongly disagree.

Blood Bricks

I’m always trying to read more about new development ideas.  Here’s an interesting idea (and recipe) for areas with little water — use the (otherwise unused) blood of slaughtered animals to make bricks for building.  Also, if you’re interested in architecture and design, especially as they relate to development and/or nature observed, this is a really interesting site.

The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like

Yeah, it’s not bad for you.  It’s actually really good for you.  Want to be healthy?  Drink as much as you possibly can.

Seven Studies with Politically Correct Findings

I really enjoyed this list.  People who regularly attend church are happier than those who do not.  Abstaining from pre-marital sex leads to fewer divorces.  And my personal favorite, couples who share housework have higher divorce rates.  “Sorry, dear, I can’t help with those decisions because… science.”

Why It’s Hard Being a Grammar Nazi

A bunch of photos of grammar mistakes.  You guys know how I do so enjoy laughing at other people.




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2 responses to “brett’s morning blend (08dec12)

  1. Quite an eclectic collection! The essay on “The Culture in Kitchens” is a stinging critique of many in America, but I fear there is too much truth in it for most to stomach (pun intended)!

  2. I love the grammar Nazi! And I read his “19 people who are having a way worse day than you”.

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