top 12 list (of top 10 lists) on 12-12-12

It’s December 12, 2012, and we ought to celebrate!  You know we won’t experience the good fortune of a matching number month-day-year again until next century (and I fear I won’t be around to enjoy that one).  So…

  • Eat a dozen donuts for breakfast.  
  • Use the word twelve in every conversation you have today.  
  • Run twelve miles… or twelve minutes.  
  • Spend twelve dollars on a gift and give it to the twelfth person you see today.  
  • Memorize the names of the twelve apostles — or if you’re Jewish perhaps the twelve tribes of Israel (are Jews any more likely to have memorized the twelve tribes than Christians are the twelve apostles?).
  • Have a moment of silence at 12:12 (the one that hasn’t happened yet) in order to reflect on this rare occasion.

I don’t care much what you do.  But do something!  Celebrate this twelfth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth year in this century.  And if you do indeed decide to celebrate, leave a comment telling us all what you’re doing.

Oh, what’s that?  What am I doing on 12-12-12?  Well, for starters I’m offering you guys…

The Top Twelve List of Top Ten* Lists
at Aliens and Strangers

12.  You Might Be a Missonary In Africa If… (top ten)

11.  Let’s Be Practical: Nine Ideas for Better Prayer

10.  Tanzanian Kids Say the Darndest Things (top three phrases I hear when running)

9.  Top Ten Fine Food Establishments (my favorite foods worldwide and where you can find them)

8.  Ten Ideas for More Effective Teaching (a guest post by Matt Dabbs)

7.  How To Be Creative (top ten)

6.  Hakuna Matata (top ten list of what not to worry about living in Geita, Tanzania)

5.  Ten Things This Missionary MUST Do On Furlough

4.  Could Somebody Pass Me That Remote Control… and a Sandwich? (top ten ways I know I’m lazy)

3.  I Left My Wallet in El Segundo or Seven Songs That Shaped My Life

2.  Five Reasons KJV Readers Aren’t Celebrating (its 400 year anniversary in 2011)

1.  Martian Love and Alien Pick-Up Lines (top ten alien pick-up lines AND the most visited page on my entire blog — LOTS of people looking to hit it off either with visitors from outer space or with fellow Star Trek reunion-goers)

Don’t forget to let us all know how you’re celebrating 12-12-12!

* Or nine or five or three.  Let’s not be so letter-of-the-law when it comes to naming something a top ten list, shall we?


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3 responses to “top 12 list (of top 10 lists) on 12-12-12

  1. theron

    we split a case of 24 sodas at work today.

  2. Man, I am just now realizing this! If I had planned right, I could have tried the 12 miles thing…although that would be a SUPER long run for me these days. 🙂 Happy 12-12-12!

  3. Okay, so since I already ran today (5.3 miles), I did 12 pushups (the girly kind), 12 crunches, and 12 bicycle crunch things. 🙂 And I may do that one more time…it is waking me up better then the cup of coffee I am drinking. 😉

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