geita summer internship 2013


The Geita team desires to train others for mission.  We recognize we have a responsibility to disciple others who would be involved in foreign mission work and/or cross cultural ministry.  For this reason, each summer we invite college students to Geita for a missions internship.

During summer 2013 Christie and I will be the only Geita team family here, and so we are hosting the interns on our own.  We have two spots remaining for male interns.  Are you interested in spending your summer in small-town Tanzania?  Or do you know someone who is?

Internship Overview

The Geita internship is an 8-week program in which the college student’s primary roles are observing and learning.  The goal is for the intern to experience and understand cross-cultural ministry and everything it entails.  While we do encourage our interns to form relationships with local Tanzanians, the language barrier (at least initially) does make this difficult.

The dates of the 2013 Geita internship are June 12 to August 7, 2013.

More Specific Details (job description of sorts)

baptismThe 2013 Geita interns will be:

  • studying Swahili language.
  • studying Tanzanian culture.
  • studying sustainable and reproducible strategies for evangelism and development work.
  • spending time in rural villages.
  • worshiping with local Tanzanian churches.
  • observing church maturation and evangelism Bible studies / seminars / mentoring sessions.
  • helping with agriculture and appropriate technologies (conservation agriculture, beekeeping, chicken vaccination projects, rocket stoves, etc).
  • building a goat pen, a chicken house, and/or a classroom and seed storage building on the demonstration farm.
  • participating in a week-long survey of a non-/lesser- reached people group in Tanzania.


  • in charge of a “summer soccer league” for kids from our neighborhood.
  • simply experiencing everyday life here in Geita, (ie. slaughtering and processing pigs, cooking, repairing generators, hanging out with our kids, etc.
  • [In addition to all the internship duties above, there will be quite a bit of free time for reading, running, and the like.  There will also be a few road trips and an opportunity to go on a 2+ day safari in the Serengeti.]

The Cost

We don’t have an extremely firm budget yet (as this requires we know the total number of interns invited for the summer), but interns can expect to have to raise about $4000 total for travel, visa, vaccinations, room and board, etc (over half of this money being in travel to and in Tanzania).  [Interns planning to go on safari in the Serengeti will need an additional $500(ish).]

We will do what we can to help students raise these funds.  One of the first things we do is send a letter endorsing our interns, which can be sent to churches and individuals of whom requests are being made.  We’re also more than happy to speak with potential donors, lending credibility to the internship experience.

To Be Extremely Clear (avoiding all confusion)

Possibly the most important thing for potential interns to be aware of is that you are primarily coming to learn, observe, and experience.  You are not going to be leading Bible studies or baptizing people.  There is indeed some hands-on work you’ll be able to do / help with, but key to getting the most out of your summer in Geita is understanding this isn’t a mission trip; it is an internship.  There is a big difference.

So come to Tanzania as a learner.  Plan on expanding your worldview, studying a new culture and learning a new language.  Ask why… and ask often.  Ask about Sukuma culture (the people group with whom we primarily work), Swahili language, strategies for evangelism, sustainability issues in development, everyday life in Tanzania, raising kids on the mission field, budgets, sponsoring churches, etc.  The Harrison family is not perfect and neither is our strategy for mission.  But we’re really very happy to talk through all these things with our interns.  This is why we’re inviting you to spend the summer with us.

Also, you should be prepared to be uncomfortable.  You’ll be tired and dirty at times, bored of sitting in on Swahili seminars at others, and required to eat and drink things you may not like in between.  Your patience and your stamina will be tested.  [But you’ll also have a lot of fun.]

For an Application or More Information

Reply below or contact the Harrison family directly at harrisonsingeita[at]gmail[dot]com.  Let’s call the deadline for application January 9.


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