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conservation agriculture and spitting cobras

I might as well start with the most interesting photo, though I won’t actually tell you about the spitting cobra until later in the post (skip to there, I suppose, if you’re anxious)….

I spent a couple of days this last week in Mwakiwasha village.  [You guys are familiar with Mwakiwasha village; we did a couple of photo tours there a while back: mwanza to mwakiwasha and a visit in mwakiwasha village.]  The whole family went out Monday, mostly just to greet everyone, though we also worked out some dates for vaccinating chickens, harvesting rice, and having the interns stay a few days.  It was Harper’s first village visit ever, and our friends were very happy to meet her. 

Yesterday, though, my visit was for some farm work. Continue reading



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my recent absence and permaculture

The last week has been crazy busy.  I slept in six different beds in six nights.  Only one was missing a mosquito net, only one was missing a pillow, and only one was missing a sheet for cover.  Five of the six, however, were missing my wife.  [Guess which bed I liked the most?]

I was in Musoma studying an approach to agriculture and living called permaculture.  I’m sure I’ll be writing a few posts about permaculture later, but for now I’ll point you to some reading material that might be useful or interesting:

Because of my travels, aliens and strangers was a little different this past week — though I did manage to get a few posts scheduled to publish before I left town.  I’m not sure next week is gonna’ be a great deal better, but I’ll try.  We’re leaving Saturday for Rwanda, where Christie will be attending a women’s retreat, and I’ll be preparing a few team documents and doing some sermon writing while keeping Baylor in a house that belongs to some missionary friends of ours.

So I may be scarce over the next ten days, especially in the comments section (not sure if we’ll have internet at all while in Rwanda).  Bare with me, though, and your life will be filled with rainbows and kittens.  Promise.


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