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the college football preview

James Hayes is a buddy of mine from college.  And he writes a college football blog.  It’s called Twelve Saturdays and a Bowl.  And it’s probably the best college football blog that exists on the internet webs.  And I don’t often throw around compliments like that — lightly or otherwise.  Especially not to guys who are anti-SEC and pro-Ohio State.  [Of course if I lived in Tennessee and had only Vanderbilt and UT (stalwarts of the SEC as they were) to choose from, I might be anti-SEC as well….] Continue reading


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things i’ve missed: humidity

It’s hot here in Tennessee.  Really hot.  Hotter than I remember it having been ever before.  

And I live in Africa… without air conditioning.

But it’s not so much the heat that I’ve realized this week I’ve missed all this time.  It’s the humidity.   Continue reading


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my furlough race calendar

Living in Tanzania, I’ve really missed being able to run races and compete in triathlons.  So I’ve crammed as many races as I can into our furlough plans this year.  I’m not in just amazing shape, but I have been running and biking a little.  I think I ought to be able to set personal records in every race distance that I didn’t race before the age of 21.  [I was much faster back then — possibly due to being 40-60 pounds lighter.]  And thanks to some really nice friends, I have a loaner bike to ride, and my registration costs are even being subsidized.

Here’s a list of the races I’m entering.  If you’re nearby and looking for some friendly competition, feel free to join me.   Continue reading



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