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Admittedly, I’ve not done a great job of updating the blog.  Would you guys believe me if I said I’d lost my password and with it access to said blog?

Those of you who know me well are debating now:  “Well… Brett CAN be pretty disorganized.  BUUUT… he’s also the kind of guy who might get busy with other things and just fail to maintain a blog.”

And now my feelings are hurt because your arguments in both directions were formulated in negative ways.  Why did not even one of you argue, “You know… Brett is so extremely organized and conscientious he probably has a prioritized list of all the important tasks he needs to accomplish between now and retirement, and writing on his blog just didn’t make the cut…

Until today.”

I’ll cut to the chase: I’m not sure what will become of the blog.  I may end up posting on it occasionally (I’d like to do that), though it won’t likely be a top priority for me over the next few years.

I can tell you, though, that Christie and I are publishing our first email newsletter this week.  For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, you may remember our email work reports.  That’s NOT what this will be.  We didn’t feel our work reports necessarily got a good response (a lot of people probably were unable to read to the end).

Our newsletter will likely go out once every month or two and consist of:

  • Primarily one article or story we feel is important to our lives, work, or ministry.
  • A few short paragraphs about other aspects of our life and work here.
  • Some photos.
  • And prayer requests.

We hope the newsletter will be a good blend of interesting and informative.

You can sign up to receive the Harrisons in Geita newsletter by following this link.  Feel free to forward the link to others.  Blessings!




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family and life: work report, may 2013


I sent out our family’s email version of the May work report a couple of days ago.  And it was really long.  So I’ve decided to break it up into sections here on the blog.  Today’s installment is the “Family and Life” segment. 

Also — and because I’ve shortened your reading for the day, my friends — I’m going to add in a few extra of life’s anecdotes. Continue reading


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geita summer internship 2013


The Geita team desires to train others for mission.  We recognize we have a responsibility to disciple others who would be involved in foreign mission work and/or cross cultural ministry.  For this reason, each summer we invite college students to Geita for a missions internship.

During summer 2013 Christie and I will be the only Geita team family here, and so we are hosting the interns on our own.  We have two spots remaining for male interns.  Are you interested in spending your summer in small-town Tanzania?  Or do you know someone who is?

Internship Overview

The Geita internship is an 8-week program in which the college student’s primary roles are observing and learning.  The goal is for the intern to experience and understand cross-cultural ministry and everything it entails. Continue reading

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