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june-november work report

Here are some of the highlights of our last six months in Tanzania.  We’ll also mention a few day-to-day activities which serve as representations of our fuller lives.

Family and Life

    • Baylor will be three years old next month (that’s when the “terrible twos” end, right?), and Harper is now crawling like crazy, her knees and shins constantly stained red from our impossible-to-completely-clean concrete floors.
    • Christie is applying to graduate schools which have extension/online degrees in ESL/TESOL.  This degree will go a long way in enhancing Christie’s ability to work in international missions both here in Tanzania and any other place we may find ourselves in the future.  Continue reading

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    cpm training: a turning point in my ministry

    Tomorrow I’m going to Mwakiwasha village to teach the Discovery Bible Study process and Church Planting Movements.  I’m posting today, partly to (as per usual) let you guys know what we’re up to in Geita, but mostly to ask you to pray over the seminar.

    [If you don’t care to read about my plans for evangelism in the villages surrounding Geita, I understand — this is a long post.  But please skip to the end and pray over the requests I’ve listed.  I very much would appreciate that.]

    There will be representatives present from four or five churches in the area, totaling 12-20 people.  We will begin the seminar with worship on Sunday evening and then three days of classes, likely four classes per day with a time of worship each evening.

    The first things I’ll teach (and briefly) are:

    • Why group Bible study is important (vs. a lone teacher)
    • Why obedience-based Bible study is important (vs. knowledge-based)
    • How to do an oral inductive Bible study (a sort of 3-column Bible study)

    The reason I’m wanting to teach the above subjects quickly is that once we’ve worked through the above material, the remainder of the seminar’s studies will be done in small groups using the inductive Bible study method.  I will very much limit my actual teaching beyond initially touching on these three subjects. Continue reading


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    work report: feb – may 2012

    As is usually the case, I’m not including our full work report here at aliens and strangers because 1) it’s a little long and 2) I’d rather have a little more narrative (or rambling) on the blog.  So the blog work report and the email work report are always just a little bit different, folks.  [If you want to subscribe to the full version of our work report, let me know in the comments; I’ll send it to you by email.]

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