agriculture seminars: integration of theology and soil

Harrison Family AUG2015

We’ve been in Geita now for several weeks now, and have transitioned well back into life and work in Tanzania — though our first ten days or so were a bit rough:

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hey, me and the guys are getting the blog back together…

I had brisket for dinner tonight.
[Is that a strange first sentence for my first blog post in two years?]

And it was delicious.
[You see, though, the second sentence wouldn’t have made any sense without that first one.]

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family and life: work report, may 2013


I sent out our family’s email version of the May work report a couple of days ago.  And it was really long.  So I’ve decided to break it up into sections here on the blog.  Today’s installment is the “Family and Life” segment. 

Also — and because I’ve shortened your reading for the day, my friends — I’m going to add in a few extra of life’s anecdotes. Continue reading


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