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Declining soil fertility, poor farm management, and population growth are contributing to low productivity and reduced soil resiliency on the majority of smallholder farms in Tanzania’s Lake Zone.  Current yields are estimated to have dropped by as much as 95% over the last five decades.  Many farmers are struggling to feed their families and are looking for answers.

In many of these same rural areas, there are no churches present.  The people who live in these villages are intensely spiritual, but do not know Jesus Christ or that his kingdom is near.  They exist between fear and fatalism, seeking to appease ancestral spirits given charge of the world by a very distant creator God.  They do not understand that this creator God deeply loves them and wants to be in relationship with them — and that a life in his son is a life of great purpose, without fear.

Nearly every one of these villagers is a subsistence farmer. Continue reading



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agriculture seminars: integration of theology and soil

Harrison Family AUG2015

We’ve been in Geita now for several weeks now, and have transitioned well back into life and work in Tanzania — though our first ten days or so were a bit rough:

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june-november work report

Here are some of the highlights of our last six months in Tanzania.  We’ll also mention a few day-to-day activities which serve as representations of our fuller lives.

Family and Life

    • Baylor will be three years old next month (that’s when the “terrible twos” end, right?), and Harper is now crawling like crazy, her knees and shins constantly stained red from our impossible-to-completely-clean concrete floors.
    • Christie is applying to graduate schools which have extension/online degrees in ESL/TESOL.  This degree will go a long way in enhancing Christie’s ability to work in international missions both here in Tanzania and any other place we may find ourselves in the future.  Continue reading

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