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canavalia and mucuna

As a missionary and agriculture development worker in rural Tanzania, I have countless opportunities to teach both Bible and agriculture.  Everyone wants the knowledge I (am perceived to?) possess,* and I am regularly invited to teach new groups of people.  But my time is limited and finite.**  Perhaps the least mentioned task of cross-cultural workers is one of the most important skills for them to develop in order to be effective in their work.

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june-november work report

Here are some of the highlights of our last six months in Tanzania.  We’ll also mention a few day-to-day activities which serve as representations of our fuller lives.

Family and Life

    • Baylor will be three years old next month (that’s when the “terrible twos” end, right?), and Harper is now crawling like crazy, her knees and shins constantly stained red from our impossible-to-completely-clean concrete floors.
    • Christie is applying to graduate schools which have extension/online degrees in ESL/TESOL.  This degree will go a long way in enhancing Christie’s ability to work in international missions both here in Tanzania and any other place we may find ourselves in the future.  Continue reading

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    the rocket stove: a very appropriate technology

    With the help of our summer interns, we built our first rocket stove for use in the village a little over a month ago.  A rocket stove is a more efficient way of cooking with fire.  It uses smaller diameter wood — and less of it — but still cooks faster than a traditional open fire.

    A rocket stove is incredibly easy to construct, and it can be made entirely out of materials already present in rural areas. Continue reading



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