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red knot racing company


Red Knot Racing Company is the premier luxury endurance racing company serving Tanzania.  They provide their racers with the opportunity to run and bike in some of the world’s most beautiful locations, both comfortably and in style. Red Knot’s luxury racing packages are all-inclusive, their tour groups are small, and their itineraries are custom designed for endurance athletes with distinguishing tastes.

Currently, Red Knot Racing is offering a special on their 2013 Kilimanjaro Marathon package which, in addition to the race, includes luxury accommodations, dining, and wildlife viewing in four Tanzania game parks, a host of really great extras while there, and an American endurance athlete host and guide.

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faces of geita

Here are some photos of people around these parts:

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conservation agriculture and spitting cobras

I might as well start with the most interesting photo, though I won’t actually tell you about the spitting cobra until later in the post (skip to there, I suppose, if you’re anxious)….

I spent a couple of days this last week in Mwakiwasha village.  [You guys are familiar with Mwakiwasha village; we did a couple of photo tours there a while back: mwanza to mwakiwasha and a visit in mwakiwasha village.]  The whole family went out Monday, mostly just to greet everyone, though we also worked out some dates for vaccinating chickens, harvesting rice, and having the interns stay a few days.  It was Harper’s first village visit ever, and our friends were very happy to meet her. 

Yesterday, though, my visit was for some farm work. Continue reading


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